Review for RealGeeks IDX Websites

Customer Support is Lacking (by dawnberry)
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Building the website with RealGeeks is fairly easy to do, although there are not many options as far as the layout of your webpage. The CRM is also very easy to use. The home valuation tool (if you decide to invest in this feature), is inconsistent and only works sometimes. If you post the home valuation link and it is not functioning, a message is sent to your lead that you will contact them with more info which means that you then have to run comps that should have been provided automatically to your lead. This becomes extremely time-consuming and doesn't provide the instant gratification to your lead that he or she is looking for. There is no customer support available on the weekend, so I am still awaiting resolution of a problem that I emailed RealGeeks about on Saturday. It is now Wednesday, but RealGeeks support team didn't start working on the issue until Monday.
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