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Extremely fast and easy to use IDX (by cindarose)
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We switched from using Virtual Results with a Diverse Solutions IDX to Realgeeks about 1 month ago and we are very happy with our decision. The VR site was just too slow, we were getting 8-13 sec page load times and that just wasn't working for us. I don't know how many potential clients we lost because of it but I do know our we are getting 3 times as many users signing up on the new Realgeeks site with the same amount of traffic. The leads seem to be at a higher price point as well, don't know why but I'll take that any day! Our new site is simple, easy to use and best of all blazingly fast. We have spent years trying and testing out different platforms, different websites and various IDX providers and I have come to the conclusion that users looking for a home don't want all the "fluff", they just want to find the right home as quickly as possible. Realgeeks sites do just that. Jeff Manson has also been very helpful, calling us, giving us tips and helping us with the site as well. How many times has the owner of your website provider called you?
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