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Best Web site EVER!!! (by wmcsteen)
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This review is for Jeremy Blanton at 210 Consulting. Last May, Jeremy created the perfect web site for my business. But not only is the site amazing and easy for me to use, it was Jeremy's patients and customer support that I very much appreciated. I was very busy last year selling real estate so after Jeremy built the site I did not use it a lot as we have a com pay web site that we are supposed to primarily use. Also, all this technology is VERY overwhelming for me so I tend to stick my head in the sand. So after not doing anything since May, I emailed Jeremy and asked for some help and he was right there helping me with a thousand questions. I had. Also, he did a you tube video recording of my "walk through" of the site so I can go back and review when I have questions. There are A LOT of people out there that claim to be "experts" in this field. I would be very careful as to who you use as I have talked to some real shysters! If you are looking for quality work and expert customer service, call Jeremy Blanton. Wendy McSteen - Spring Reatly
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