Real Estate Mapping Reviews

Embedding a custom map in a hyperlocal blog post provides far more value to the reader than bare, unadorned text. Do you use web maps in posts about upcoming open houses? How about your posts on particular communities?

We’re willing to bet that there’s an agent out there who right now is mulling over the question: “What is the best mapping software on the market there that suits my needs?”

It’s a good thing the ActiveRain team anticipates burning questions like this, but we need the ActiveRain community’s input to provide the answers.

Discussing features such as how easy the software is to integrate into an existing website and typical set-up time go a long way in helping a colleague decide. Then again, there are always the two burning questions: how does it look and how much will it cost me?

While Google may be the most popular and least expensive mapping software, what else is out there that makes your heart go all aflutter? Have you tried any of the products that map boundaries and acreage, such as Map my Land? What about software for commercial agents? Location is even more critical in commercial real estate than residential. Providing clients a look at the surrounding geography and infrastructure arms them with the knowledge they need to make the right decision.

The ActiveRain team: big believers in sharing the knowledge so we can all learn together. So, let’s get some sharing going on.

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