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Excellent CRM for new agents and seasoned agents.... Love the website too (by gian1025)
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The Best tool for new RE agents... My experience in my previous jobs allow me to say this. I have used for years other great softwares like ACT and Salesforce and I can say that IXACT CRM is great for Real Estate agents...You start from scratch organizing your network of clients and enjoying a 6 month trial... I have been playing with this CRM for a full month and I am really surprise with the number of options I have to approach and keep all my communications with my new clients... It works perfectly for those that keep the basic contact info but also works for those that take full advantage of all fields and features available in the CRM. It tailors itself to your usage and the more you ask the more options you will find without feeling intimidated for the number of features it has. The front page seems simple so you feel it is easy to use but later on you start to navigate and you find new and new tools (each one with a small link to a video that explains how to use that specific option) which avoid the step of going to the help area to look for the training video... Great product.... However, I think the key component is to keep it cost accessible for all realtors...It is important for the live of the product and I want a CRM that last for many years to come because my goal to stay on the business. Also, something I see is that this CRM is missing an Android or Apple APP that allows me to enter and updated some basic info. It not necessarily needs to have all benefits of the desktop version but at least contact info and communication history so I can check on the go what is going on with an specific client... Try it... You will be surprise... AND the best part yet is that thanks to IXACT CRM I had a website just few days after I started my career as RE agent.. :) Try it....
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