Review for iPhone 6 Plus

I've already forgotten about my iPhone 5s (by wrsynergy)
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I couldn't be separated for more than five minutes from my iPhone 5s without being alerted (literally) that we weren't "paired". I lost her once in Atlantic City and swore to never lose my iPhone again. So, when the 6 series came out, it was quite the challenge to consider upgrading. Was the bigger screen of the 6 Plus and faster processing really going to make the difference for me? Well, I don't really notice the faster processing, or the sharper images - but I do enjoy the larger screen and the complaints about the phone being harder to handle or put in a pocket are unfounded by those who don't have a 6Plus. Is it worth running out and spending the money for an upgrade out of contract? Probably not, but when you are ready for the upgrade, definitely go for the 6 Plus over the 6.
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