Review for Samsung Galaxy S III

Not the phone I thought it would be (by cvc)
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I had an HTC Incredible I prior to upgrading to the III S and felt it was ok at best. After doing so, I found the III S was not all it was reviewed to be. THe III S has several nagging features which drive me crazy. First, it takes way too long to delete emails. I receive 100 - 300 daily, mostly spam and it takes 10 - 20 seconds to do delete them all. If you stop prior to the majority of them being deleted, it does does delete them all. The biggest issue I have, when you pinch out to enlarge a page, i.e. web page or email, it does not justify the scene to make it fit so you only have to scroll up and down. Thus you have to scroll both up and down and sideways to read the enlarged text. Totally unacceptable. The HTC Incredible was a phone with many issues, but it did both of these tasks in about 2 seconds to delete emails and allowed me just to scroll up and down which you could do with one finger. This phone has also has given me several other hick-ups and if I could have sent it back, I would have. I bought it at a great price, $49 after rebates just after the IV S came out thinking it was a deal. I will end this contract and dump this phone as soon as I can with Verizon.
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