Review for Apple I-Pad

I Love My iPAD Too (by beaniehunter)
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I was not very confident that this product would become such a big hit so when it first came out so I did not buy one. Around Dec 2011, I came to the conclusion that the iPad was a big hit and I needed to get up to speed. I bought one and started taking classes at my local Association of Realtors who have several instructors show us how to operate it and become paperless. I re-took a couple of the classes just because it was a lot of information and I wanted to get up to speed. I can take pictures of checks for the EMD and can email it immediately.I can do contracts and have my client sign with a stylus and email it to the other agent and the client right away. I take it with me to seminars and take notes, and the camera is great so I like to take pictures. It is great to take on a trip and I can do most work on it as I have a keyboard add-on plus it is so much lighter and smaller than taking my laptop. I am just sorry I waited so long to buy one. Oh, you can buy apps for anything but don't get me started on the zillion it.
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