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Beware of you reputation !! (by habebe1)
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From Customer How do we fix this You guys sent out a very untrustworthy to my home with my family there. They lied, strong-armed my wife and did not do a complete job Charged us for service not done, did not complete the job, ask my wife to replace filter, put duct tape on thermostat, and warp outside pipes for tech. Charged us for a new Thermostat but did install it until we ask as he was in his truck going to leave, yet told warranty company AC would not work with old thermostat with new AC unit, yet it worked perfectly. John Lane - 08/07/2015 09:44:47 Charged us for a Electrical up grade for $577.00 but did not do a thing to any part of my electrical system. None. They did upgrade or change a thing other then the AC unit outside. Did not upgrade a thing inside or out. This company told my wife if we did not pay now they would take out AC unit and when ask for would not give her a record of him receiving our $500.00 in cash and $77.00 dollar check. John Lane - 08/07/2015 09:44:52 The did not check the system, it is leaking water into our furnace, and now we have anew leak in the wash and upstairs shower, all next the AC. I have take video and picture of all issues and have had wife write a statement of fact regarding this issue. I would our AC and plumb issues fix by a different AC plumbing company and a full refund of $577.00 Thank you John Lane John Lane - 08/07/2015 14:27:07 Rollin Air also left the old AC unit in my drive way leaking oil. John Lane First American - 08/14/2015 10:01:41 Hello Mr. Lane, we have received your web inquiry. I understand your concern on this. I have reached out to the contractor to provide an invoice and also remove the old unit. For further assistance, please contact First American. Thank you, for choosing First American and please enjoy the rest of your day. *The state of California requires we respond to all emails received. For this reason you will receive this same message duplicate times.
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