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Real Estate Sales & Marketing Reviews

The Internet has completely changed the way we market not only our own businesses, but our clients listings as well.

While not all marketing and advertising takes place online, and agents still frequently choose billboard, radio and rack publications in which to promote their business or listings, the Internet has given us many more opportunities. Some of the more popular include:

  • SEO strategies
  • Internet advertising
  • E-mail blasts
  • Blogging

So, where does the new agent, or the one who’s trying to breathe a little more life into his or her business, go to get the skinny on the best advertising and marketing vehicles, both online and off? Why, real estate’s virtual water cooler, of course: ActiveRain.

The new product review section allows you to find information about the most commonly used products and services in the real estate industry - reviewed by your professional colleagues at ActiveRain - all in one handy place.

Need some ideas on lead generation? You’ll find it here. What are the most effective print advertising methods? ActiveRain agents will tell you all about them. Feel the need to promote yourself or create a little personal branding? Check out the reviews here at ActiveRain. Need some fresh ideas about closing gifts? We have a review for that. Don’t be shy: Feel free to submit your own reviews as well.

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Greenville , SC
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SocialMadeSimple platform
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