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The sizzle of a branding iron when it hits the hide of an animal heralds the indelible identifier it leaves behind. While your brand may not be Double Bar Z, or anything similar, it does need to be scorched into the public’s mind.

The challenge to creating a brand in the real estate and mortgage industries is that there truly is no difference between the services the individual professional provides: selling homes, assisting with the purchase of a home or arranging financing for a home. To consumers, we’re all one big jumble of people that pretty much all do the same thing. Do a Google search for “how to find a real estate agent,” and you’ll see that we’re right.

The key to creating a brand, then, at least according to the American Marketing Association, is to choose a name, logo, symbol, or other characteristic that identifies you and distinguishes you from every other agent or mortgage professional. No small task, admittedly, but one well worth undertaking.

Now, you can sit around the dining room table with your spouse and brainstorm branding ideas or you can hire a professional. Lots of companies now cater to professional brand development specifically for real estate and finance professionals.

What are you doing to promote yourself and create your personal brand? If you’ve used professional marketing services, such as those offered by Agent Makeover, By Design Publishing, Pro Step Marketing or anyone else, we’d love to get your thoughts on how effective they are and if you recommend the services to your ActiveRain colleagues.

Pro Step Marketing
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By Design Publishing
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Rockville , MD
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