Real Estate Magnets Reviews

“Hello, I just saw your name on a magnet and I want you to list my home for sale.”

Sound far-fetched? Can a magnet make your phone ring? Apparently a lot of real estate and mortgage pros think it can, and there are lots of companies out there offering an array of sticky products.

What about magnetic car signs? Cheesy or not cheesy? Are they effective or a waste of money? Have you come up with a unique magnet or a unique way of using them that draws people’s attention?

This is the place to share your reviews of all things magnetized. Whether you’ve chosen to go with magnetized business cards, calendars or note pads, how is it working for you? Inquiring ActiveRain minds want to know.

Custom Magnets
Jersey City , NJ
Average Rating: 4.7/5 (10 votes cast)
Magnets USA
Roanoke , VA
Average Rating: 4.61/5 (31 votes cast)