Review for How to Measure a House

learning how to make accurate measurements (by samshueh)
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This is a must for those wanting to stay in appraisal business. Too often the measurements are erroneous and confusion, Had a home measured and way smaller. I gave the lender a previous measurements by licensed surveyors. This appraiser took three measurements and each time it came out smaller than previous time. Also some measurements are obviously wrong. Roses and shrubs are in the way. The appraiser failed to get true measurement. The laser is not bright to make exterior measurements and most still rely on tape measurement often forget to add two measurements correctly. "The art of measuring residential square footage, based on the ANSI® measurement guideline. If you want to learn how to measure a home's square footage, this is the most complete resource available anywhere. The complete square footage manual. ​Step by step instructions, residential measurements from A – Z. Learn how to professionally measure a single-family house, and protect yourself from liability. Home measurement basics for anyone with an interest in professionally calculating a home's square footage." Sam Shueh, professional engineer(PE)
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