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Hmmmmm... (by tonymarriott)
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Well - I went to their website and found the following regarding CE for Arizona: "Kaplan is committed to providing you with the education you need to start and maintain your real estate career. While Kaplan doesn’t currently provide its own education in Arizona, we’ve assembled the following search tips to help you find a state-approved school: Open a search engine within your browser. In the search field, enter AZ. You can also add terms related to the specific type of education you are looking for, such as Prelicensing, CE, and Postlicensing. Execute the search. This will return a list of state-approved online real estate schools." Except it doesn't. Here is what it does: " Welcome to The Real Estate School, Inc. Welcome to The Real Estate School, Inc., the leader in online real estate education. is a virtual university complete with the most comprehensive online real estate courses available anywhere. REcampus – Your Online Real Estate Education Solution Our exclusive online learning platform combines industry-leading content with a user-friendly study environment that makes it easy to take online courses. This Online Solution Provides: Flexibility to study anytime, anywhere Proven study format to stay focused and organized Interactive exercises to reinforce concepts and improve retention Effective quizzes to help identify strengths and weaknesses Tailored courses to meet individual state requirements" No list, no nutting'. Hmmmmm...
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