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Vets serving Vet's real estate needs Vets serving Vet's real estate needs
Looking to create a referral network with other military vets who are active agents? There are more than 20 million veterans in the US and they should have the option of working with a vet. The int...
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Selling Soulfully Selling Soulfully
Selling Soulfully was created as a referral network and idea exchanger for agents who want to create a kinder, gentler real estate community (yet still make gobs and gobs of money!). Members strive...
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Hyper-Local Hyper-Local
All posts related to the hyper-local groups and marketing category of Active Rain.
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Westchester County Westchester County
Known for its affluence and close proximity to New York City, Westchester County is actually one of the most diverse places in the USA, with horse country, charming villages, vibrant cities, shoppi...
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Around The Water Cooler Around The Water Cooler
Do you want to talk about your latest listing? Share it here. Feel the need to discuss how many Olympic medals we’ve won, who is going to win the Super Bowl or any other casual sports talk? Talk to...
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Advice for Buyers Advice for Buyers
Let's share all of our wonderful consumer posts geared towards buyers and the advice you would give them! Please make sure the posts are for buyers and not sellers. Your posts can be for all buyers...
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Welcome to my Neighborhood Welcome to my Neighborhood
When Posting, PLEASE INCLUDE THE CITY AND STATE YOU ARE POSTING ABOUT TO HELP BUYERS NAVIGATE THROUGH THE POSTS EASIER. This group is designed to help potential buyers get an idea of what the town ...
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Area Events Area Events
So many of us post local events and happenings for our respective areas. Use this group as your 'home' to post all of your local events and regional 'things to do.' Post your calendar of events, yo...
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ActiveRain History Station ActiveRain History Station
Interested in history? Find it at the ActiveRain History Channel -- local history, state history, national history, world history, religious history, biographies, natural history, and more. If it's...
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REALTORS who are PET FRIENDLY, whether they own pets or not. A place to share stories and experiences and inform each ther about issues that will be beneficial to pets. Also any ways we can assist ...
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This group was formed for people to Express themselves through their Photography skills, and to share them with a Network. Having 30 years experience in Photography and thousands and thousands of P...
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Certified Mobile Notary Signing Agent Blog Certified Mobile Notary Signing Agent Blog
  Certified Mobile Notary Signing Agent Blog As a Certified Mobile Notary Signing Agent, DEANNA C SMITH shares posts and offers ideas to aid and assist the Realtors and Title Companies of Virginia ...
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Pet Friendly Real Estate Pet Friendly Real Estate
News, views and feedback about the unique and popular relationship between the Pet and Real Estate Worlds. Includes discussions about marketing to the 69.1 million homes in the United States that h...
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Minnesota Real Estate Minnesota Real Estate
All Minnesota all the time! If you have a listing in Minnesota, or a buyer request, or a story about our great state this is the place to post it, and of course Pictures! Pictures! Pictures! We lov...
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Ask An Ambassador Ask An Ambassador
AR Ambassadors are volunteers that have agreed to aid AR members in finding answers to questions to make their Active Rain experience worthwhile and enjoyable. We are here to help you make the most...
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Observances and Celebrations Observances and Celebrations
This group is dedicated to our happy celebrations of anniversaries, milestones, and holidays as well as the solemn observance of more serious holidays. memorials, and historical dates. We'll even a...
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Realestateandfunding Realestateandfunding is a real estate website that offers real estate for sale in 20 countries, hundreds of funding options, and real estate employment opportunities. This group is the Active R...
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Random Thoughts Random Thoughts
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Coaching and Mentoring Coaching and Mentoring
This Group has been formed to assist those who may have began their Real Estate careers,and our wondering what to do in order to launch their careers. There are probably a million and one questions...
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ActiveRainWiners ActiveRainWiners
For those who love a good wine and all of the great experiences that go with, conversation, celebration and of course sharing our pairings!  Please leave posts ONLY related to wine/vine...
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