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Old Farts Club Old Farts Club
This group is for those who hope to stay up to speed with technology and social media changes and developments.  We may be old, but we aren't dead.  And, we are still learning!
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Almost Anything Goes Almost Anything Goes
Please be aware that we have updated the criteria in this group due to fact there are too many users clogging up the group with solicitations,listings,market reports,localism posts,and jokes...slan...
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Posts to Localism Posts to Localism
This group is dedicated to Localism area information posts. Here you can post anything that is related to your local area, including but not limited to real estate and finance; listings and market ...
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Bartender, Make it a Double Bartender, Make it a Double
Having one of those days and need to vent? Or are you ready to celebrate a recent success? Share whatever you like. Cozy up to the bar and let her rip. You are among friends. We're here for you on ...
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Local Expert Local Expert
Relocation is a niche that many of us focus on. While any REALTOR® can handle the real estate transaction for an out-of-town buyer, a true LOCAL EXPERT has the ability to be more than just an agent...
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WeBlog Anything (almost)! WeBlog Anything (almost)!
Like the title says, "WeBlog Anything." This is a place where you can feel comfortable posting those posts that just don't seem to have a home anywhere else-----all within the community guidelines...
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BananaTUDE BananaTUDE
Welcome to the BananaTUDE Group!   The BananaTude Group was created for Networking with fellow ActiveRain Professionals, Creating awesome relationships- and Enjoying Life to the MAX!   We are a bus...
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Photos Photos
Are you interested in photography? Then this is the place for you! Post your picture or pictures with commentary or without. It's all OK. You can treat this group like walls of a gallery. Gift us w...
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Hyper-Local Hyper-Local
All posts related to the hyper-local groups and marketing category of Active Rain.
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HyperLocal Neighborhood and Community Posts HyperLocal Neighborhood and Community Posts
Since Active Rain has rolled out the new Community Pages there have been some stunning Hyper Local posts! We have a few Groups that were around focused on Localism but it didn't seem that there wer...
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Realtors® Realtors®
*NO LISTINGS*, *ADS* or* personal PR* PLEASE! Feel welcomed to Join Us! For Real Estate Professionals to discuss marketing strategies, overcoming obstacles, successful sales techniques-
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POSITIVE ATTITUDE for the Weary Soul POSITIVE ATTITUDE for the Weary Soul
Lift up your weary souls by looking at your cup half full instead of half empty! This is surely a place for members to come when souls get weary and you need some positive energy to lift you back u...
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Be The Best In Your Field Be The Best In Your Field
A place to share your best ideas, whether it be Buyer or Seller Presentations, Open House techniques, Scripts or any thing that all of us can find helpful. Share and brainstorm with your fellow Act...
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Active Rain Foodaholics Active Rain Foodaholics
Food lovers unite! This group is for those who live to eat. Create profiles of your favorite local restaurants, share your unique family recipes, recall tales of diners and eateries you've visited ...
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Dedicated Bloggers Dedicated Bloggers
DEDICATED BLOGGER – A blogger who strives to provide information that will be helpful, interesting or entertaining to fellow bloggers and consumers.*** ENCOURAGED POSTS…***Real estate related stori...
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The Lounge at Active Rain The Lounge at Active Rain
A place to sit down and enjoy a cocktail after a long day at work. Discuss everything EXCEPT real estate....well maybe. Meet new friends in an informal and fun atmosphere. Everyone is welcome in th...
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Agents who want REFERRALS! Agents who want REFERRALS!
Please join and leave your name, area you service and contact info. Who wants some referral business? I DO!
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Real Good Eats Real Good Eats
This group is for people who love food, food photos, food tips and food talk. It's all about what we do to "kick it up" or what we eat to cure the blues. It's about the food our favorite restaurant...
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Addicted to Active Rain Addicted to Active Rain
WELCOME to the Addicted to Active Rain group! This is for the person who is just hooked on Active Rain. You know who you are, you join not really expecting much. Then you find all kinds of amazing...
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Diary of a Realtor Diary of a Realtor
SHARE WITH THOSE WHO CARE... This group is for Realtors and their Associates...Stagers, Mortgage Brokers, Inspectors, and all our friends! No one is excluded. Please start your own Diary. Our writi...
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