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HELP/FAQ (Read 'Purpose Statement' Carefully!)

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The purpose of the 'HELP/FAQ' group is to provide our fellow members with helpful advice and answers to commonly asked questions about all things ActiveRain. You don't have to be a member to access all the valued articles contained here. A number of veteran ActiveRain Members have been selected to help moderate this Group and determine/monitor the content that will be stored here. If you wish to contribute an article that will benefit our membership and is relevant to the purpose of this Group, join the Group, publish your article to your own blog, and then contact one of the Group Moderators to have your article considered for inclusion. Contributors must either pose a meaningful and valid question (FAQ) concerning a function/feature of ActiveRain, and along with the question, provide a practical and detailed response/answer; or offer a tutorial regarding a feature/function of ActiveRain. All posts shall contain the tags: 'help' and 'faq' In addition, the following tags will also be used, if applicable: 'tutorial' 'profile' 'blogging' 'how to' 'localism' 'outside blogs' 'referrals' 'groups' The submitted posts shall contain only information relevant to the question/answer or tutorial. There shall be no self-promotional information within the body of the post, i.e., links, website, contact or subscribe buttons. Posts submitted to the "HELP/FAQ" Group are subject to review, and may be modified or deleted, as determined by the Group Moderators.


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