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Endorsements, Accolades and Praises of AR Members

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Do you want to endorse a fellow ActiveRain Member? What if an ActiveRain Member has done something exceptional or deserves a praise post? You are in the right group to post that special blog. This is the place for all of us in the Community to see and share the joy of knowing about each other. It is also a place to learn more about one another and to find new friends in the Rain. Are you needing to send a referral to someone in the Network? Why not do you looking here? See what others have to say about our peers and discover their strengths and talents. Get to see what an unsolicited post of praise looks like. Only posts about ActiveRain Members are to be included. These posts are to be about your fellow members as individuals and not about yourself. No property postings or market data posts are to be posted here. Let's Take the opportunity to help promote one another in the Rain.


Debbie Reynolds, C21 Platinum Properties

Managing Real Estate Broker