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"Choices saved my life! Just think of what it could do to yours!" - Loren Choices Seminar is a unique personal development program that leads you through a journey of visiting experiences in the past, evaluating current circumstances and making new choices about what your future will be. The five day seminar begins Wednesday at noon and concludes Sunday afternoon. It's an intense, non-stop, interactive, life changing experience that will challenge, inform , excite and entertain everyone. You discover that Choices is a safe place to have an honest look at the person in the mirror. Whether you feel great about where you are right now, or if life is a struggle, Choices meets you were you are, giving you tools to live a life of fulfillment, joy and passion. The Choices process will show you how to use the tools taught to get more of what you long for in your life and less of what's not working for you. Register for a Choices seminar and learn what the possibilities for life can be!


Loren P. Webb

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