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Welcome to the BananaTUDE Group!


Read the BananaTude Group Rules BEFORE you enter your first post!


The BananaTude Group was created for Networking with fellow ActiveRain Professionals and Sharing your Expertise and Knowledge!


1. Monday thru Thursday - ONLY PROFESSIONAL ORIENTATED POSTS - with 0RIGINAL CONTENT with at least 250 Words and a  Feature Photo. Monthly challenge posts can be posted as well. Keep in mind that Professional Orientated posts can be posted Monday thru Sunday!



2. Friday thru Sunday you may post JUST FOR FUN posts - with ORIGINAL CONTENT with at least 150 words and a feature photo


3. Only 2 posts are allowed per member on the Main BananaTude Group Page. If you have more than 2 posts on the Main Group Page they will be deleted.


Remember...we are a business and networking group first and foremost!


If you're not sure what the difference is between professional posts and fun posts - ask yourself - is this post directed at my clients, a real estate related topic or a business related post?  Or is it a Just For Fun post?


No Listings!

No Open Houses!

No Self Promotion!

No Politics!

No Whining!


BananaTUDE Moderators

Anna 'Banana' Kruchten - Founder

Kathy Streib

Carol Williams

Beth Atalay

Jeff Dowler

Wayne Martin

Wanda Kubin- Nerdin




Anna "Banana" Kruchten

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