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Cosmic Cow Pie...The Rome Way

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This group is for individuals who want to navigate the universe of flying obstacles known as the "Cosmic Cow Pie" together to help find balance. We will share ideas of what is currently working to get through today's Real Estate Market and try not to step in the "stuff" aka Cow Pies! Margaret Rome brings a new exciting addition to the group as she shares "Real Estate The Rome Way." Her ideas and presentations set the bar for exceeding consumer expectations. Engaging with agents from all over the country creates an atmosphere to Excel. Anyone wanting to have some fun with the cow pies we have to deal with on a daily basis should join this group! Bring your A game! Are you brave enough to "get in the game" and show us your voice in cyber space? A collaborative group with Carra Riley and Margaret Rome.


Carra Riley & Declan Kenyon

Real Estate Agent