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Sometimes, it can be scary to write your first blog post! Luckily, the supportive community of ActiveRain is just the place to start.

On this page you will find a running list of “first blog posts” written on ActiveRain by members of the real estate industry. These new bloggers have taken the leap to begin their blogging journey. Our first-time real estate bloggers deserve a big welcome and some extra encouragement from you!

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Agent's first blog posts on ActiveRain

By jacob moynihan, Jacob Moynihan is a Digital Marketing Expert and C
( jacobmoynihan)
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As a marketer for your company you need to attract potential clients to your website, have them interact with your brand at scale, and make sure they leave happily by converting them into paying customers,this can be done with the help of Jacob Moynihan, a Digital Marketing Expert and CEO of Traf...

By Lisel Sutter, EA, Tax & Financial Services
(Sutter Tax, Financial & Insurance Services Inc.)
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When a taxpayer receives a collection notice from the IRS, they often panic and don'tknow where to turn for a solution. Some taxpayers choose to bury their heads in the sandand hope that the problem will magically disappear. Others assume that they are going tojail, and are scared to respond. In ...

By Peter Palivos, Real estate attorney and international leader
(LV Angelo LLC)
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Sometimes buying a house can be tough due to money limitations. If your budget is preventing you from finding your home, a great option is to try buying a foreclosure. Foreclosures are usually available for a fraction of the typical market value and the purchasing process isn’t too different from...

By Ian Flannigan, Expansion Team Leader & Investing Consultant
(North Texas Real Estate Team)
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While the crash of 2008 put the fragility and uncertainty of the future on full display, it also spurred positive action by forcing real estate brokerages to begin adapting their outdated models to a technology-driven world. Through this evolution of necessity, the need to position brokerages for...

By Jacob Moynihan, If you want to need Free SEO Consultant with Free
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SEO Expert, Website Development & Digital Marketing Consultant. Jacob Moynihan is United States's top digital marketing and SEO services expert and consultant. We are based in Houston Tx and we provide full Internet marketing services.If you want to need Free SEO Consultant with Free SEO AUDIT, S...

By jane agron
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5 Tools To Download Instagram Videos And Photos (No App Need) Now days, more and more people love to use Instagram everyday, At the same time, more and more people want to download instagram videos and photos, After a period of development, this has become a demand for people, Today I will share ...

By Vicki Miller
(At Home with Red)
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I am in the process of training for my Utah Real Estate License. I am aware that bad record keeping can actually put your licnese at risk. I would love to get feed back from some current Realtors about how you best keep track of your records. How have you felt  that good record keeping has helped...

By Pam Greene, Specialize in Tax Representation and Resolution
(Amcom Tax and Accounting, Inc)
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I represent taxpayers in Klamath Falls and through out Oregon filing tax returns, resolving tax debt and solving IRS issues. My first question to non-filers is always, why haven't you filed? Many taxpayers haven't filed simply because they can not pay the tax due with their return. Some taxpayers...
 What is the normal number of weeks that a purchaser searching for a home puts into the pursuit before finding an appropriate new spot to live? Also, what number of homes does he for the most part take a gander at before an official conclusion is made about which property to purchase?Real estate ...

By Kim Devlin, Your Key To St. Augustine
(RE/MAX Leading Edge)
Comments 9
Hi Everyone,I just wanted to introduce myself. I am new to Activerain and thought this would be a good place to connect to other Realtors, maybe learn a little something and build a network for referrals. I have been in Real Estate for eight years, initially in New Hampshire and now in Florida. I...

By Hugh Henry, Realtor Hugh Henry, Real Estate Agent- HomeSmart
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Realtor, Hugh Henry, Real Estate Agent serving the Chandler community is happy to showcase this beautiful 3 bedroom home for sale in Chandler conveniently located near the 202 freeway.  For your private showing, please contact Hugh Henry directly at 602-570-0000.SEARCH FOR OTHER HOMES INTHE CHAND...

By Scott Andery, Marketing Consultant
(Driven Properties)
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An investor is someone who puts his money on your idea and earns the profits if successful and loss if not. A start-up needs a load of money that the founder cannot afford and look for potential investors. They turn the table easy for the founder by letting his money to use in the management and ...

By Amelia Matthers, Hide & Seek
(Shufti Pro Ltd)
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 In every process of sale and purchase of a property, at some point, you have to disclose your personal information. Without providing your information you can’t transfer property on your name or from your name. Because of this sensitive process, a buyer or seller could become a victim of identit...

By Jeffrey Rosenthal, CFP, EA, CDFA, Our mission is solutions. Your Tax Matters Matter
(First Call Tax Advocates Corp)
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Are you in trouble with the IRS or any State? Do you feel hopeless, overpowered and ready to give up? We understand how you feel and we know what you need to get back on the right track, fast. Many people experience tax liens, imposing fines and penalties, suffocating wage garnishments and proper...

By Rolly Herida
(Keller Williams)
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By Shaunna Rose
Comments 9
This is my first blog and as I'm still working on my Pre-Licensing education and the "21 way's to lose your license" has been a big focus. In all my research it seems the board is full of two, out of 21. One being criminal records, which always lead to being given an active license. Two being onl...

By susanna Whitford, Professional blogger
(start a mom blog)
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With today's technology it is insanely easy to create a business from home. The hard part is not the technology, it's standing out in the crowd. Here are the five best stay at home jobs for moms that are affordable to start and can bring in a good income.  1. BloggingLearning how to start a blog ...

By Gulf pointe
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The professional property management industry has encountered a good deal of essential changes in the past years. While the customary do it yourself landlord approach to possessing rental homes is still enormously effective, effective figures of investors are asking for help from property managem...

By Cory Richards, Real Estate Agent In training. Excited to learn!
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I thought it was interesting that there are "21 Ways to Lose Your Real Estate License." I just learned these while going through the online training to become an agent. I had no idea there were so many ways that someone could get into trouble in this industry. I then quickly realized that we are ...

By Denise Nabinger, Real Estate Agent serving The Villages, Florida.
(Realty Executives in The Villages)
Comments 7
I really miss the hills and the beautiful scenery of Orange County, CA.  But I love The Villages, FL, because there are so many activities that it's difficult to choose which activity to do.  Every evening, 365 days a year in three separate Town Squares, there is a live band and dancing!  The Vil...