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Agent's first blog posts on ActiveRain

Hello readers my name is Justice Sumnall, and this is my first blog post. My topic will be about dual representation and the importance of being an ethical agent regarding the topic.As real estate agents our jobs depend on our clients, and they depend on us. We are their connection to the real estate world as well as the link between them and the seller. They rely on us to have their best interest in mind as we deal with their money to get them what they need. As such it's important to be ethical since being unethical has the potential to ruin your reputation and connections with the clients.That being said it is unfortunate that there are still some agents that will represent both parties and either fail to or refuse to inform the parties of the representation. The reason as to why it ...
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By Alecia Prigmore, Real Estate Investor
(Grounded Values)
Will this save me money? Duplex that I house hack. I own home in my name. Then I have an LLC that I do other investing under. Should I pay for property management for half of my duplex to my LLC? Then I can use that income in my LLC to do my other investing, so it would be an expense on my LLC. Then if I don't user it in my LLC that year I would just pay the income taxes under that LLC rather then my duplex anyway. AND does my tax bracket go by how much money I make or by how much money each entity makes so me at my W-@ and my LLC would be on a different tax bracket if the income is different? ADVICE PLEASE. Thank you
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By Tony Laurendi, Mortgage and Real Estate Professional
(Reliable Mortgage)
MortgageOrb, Sept. 2, 2022–Michael BatesThe average home sold for less than its list price for the first time in over 17 months during the four-week period ending August 28, as the housing market cooldown continued, according to a new report from Redfin.
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By Joshua Zorn, Full-time Real Estate Agent serving tri-county, FL
(True Florida Real Estate - Side Inc.)
Welcome home to The Watergarden. 18th-floor unit overlooking pool, elevated green-space, and gorgeous view of downtown Fort Lauderdale. Beautiful property grounds include a pool, spa, movie theater, library, club room, gym, billiards room, & more! Rental payment includes water, trash, cable, & wifi. Complimentary valet & 1 parking spot in garage. Walking distance to beautiful Las Olas Boulevard, restaurants, Riverwalk, museums, nightlife, beaches, and airport.Offered at $4,500/mView listing at:
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By Prime Realty, The best boutique firm in South Carolina!
(Prime Realty)
Interior Designers and Home Stagers are similar but also, very different.The Real Estate industry contains several professions and services that are instrumental to the success of the transaction. Several buyers and sellers are familiar with the importance inspectors, lenders, and appraisers hold to the transaction. But what about the individuals that arranges or stages the furniture? These individuals are referred to as home stagers.Different from interior designers, home stagers must appeal to the buyers by personalizing or depersonalizing the space in preparation for the sale. Prior to designing, an interior designer must consider the customer’s individualistic or familial personality and lifestyle to deliver a tailored environment perfectly suited to them. What advantage do staged h...
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By Shay Brown, McCann’s Roofing is passionate about
(McCann's Roofing and Construction)
A roof that squeaks, creaks, or, worst of all, leaks. When you are dealing with a leaking roof, here are some things to keep in mind. McCann’s Roofing & Construction is one call away, (405) 259-9998!Remember the acronym R.L.D.F., which stands for rain, lightning, damage, and flood, since there are many different ways your roof might get damaged.R – Reach for a towel or bucket to stop the immediate drip. Next and most importantly, immediately reach out to your local contractor for review.L – Locate and look for the leak before it becomes a bigger problem. Leaking roofs are often detected by the sight and sound of dripping water. Despite rain or shine, there are other signs you must look out for if you’re suspicious about roof leaks, including: Rooms with a musty smell.  Water stains on y...
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By Melissa Thompson, I'm a real estate agent helping buyers and sellers
(Thompson Real Estate)
Are you selling your house? If so, you likely want to find the best offer as quickly as possible. Ensuring that you get the best deal is important to you as well.Though there are plenty of ways to sell a house, selling a house for cash is one of the best. Why?Going this route can ease a lot of stress while giving you a lot of advantages. Is this option right for you? Read on to learn more about the benefits of selling a house for cash.1. Time SavedThe traditional home-selling process can be time-consuming and often takes months to complete. Selling for cash eliminates the need to wait for mortgage approvals, home inspections, and appraisals. This can save home sellers considerable time and allow them to move on with their lives more quickly.2. Money SavedThe amount of cash sales among e...
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By Sean Lorch, Real estate agent serving the greater Naples area
(Downing-Frye Realty Inc)
I do a decent amount of condo business here in Naples, FL and here's why I think buyers agents should always interview the property manager before the buyer commits to purchase. Of course, this is in addition to reviewing the condo docs. I prefer to conduct the interview in person and with my buyers present but for out-of-town buyers, a conference call may be necessary.Property managers definitely try not to say anything negative about the building so asking the right questions and then reading between the lines is key.For example, I asked a manager "what can you tell me about the building?" and they told me they were replacing some of the windows and that this is a perk to the buyer. I asked why they are replacing them and they said some of the residents have had issues. I asked if the...
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By Hard Money Colorado, Colorado Hard Money Loans
(Good Funds Lending, LLC)
“Hard Money Loans” are underwritten primarily based on real estate (the “hard asset”) value. In contrast, banks often focus on borrowers’ income, credit history, etc. to underwrite loans in addition to real estate value.The hard money loan process is often much easier and faster than a bank (days or weeks rather than months). This is because hard money lenders are typically not concerned with income, etc., and all the related documentation and verification.Hard money lenders will often will only provide loans up to 70% of the real estate value (even less for some property types). Interest rates (and/or APRs) are typically, but not always, higher with hard money lenders compared to banks.People use hard money loans when: A bank is too slow, and the deal or situation requires quick fundin...
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By Dawn Castell, Freelance home stager
A backyard is one of the most versatile things about a home. There are so many things that people can do with them. As a result, allowing your backyard to sit empty and unused is a massive waste of potential. The following are some of the best things you can do to your backyard this summer.Have a Pool ConstructedYou can make your backyard a place of play and relaxation by adding a gorgeous pool to it. Doing so would offer you the benefit of giving you a place to cool off during the summer heat. In addition, it would also allow you to go swimming whenever you feel like it since you would be able to access it from the comfort of your own home. Plus, it would be a great way to make your backyard look more beautiful in general.One of the best things about deciding to add one to your home is...
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By Cassandra Casto, Helping to make your "home sweet home" a possibili
JUST LISTED! 914 Lilac Street, Celina Ohio $220,000 Welcome home to this beautiful Cape Cod home in Celina's Kessler's 3rd addition, a short distance from area schools. This home offers just under 1400 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 1.5 baths. Kitchen with breakfast bar. Appliances include Range/Oven, Microwave & Refrigerator. Lots of cupboard and counter space including lazy susan and breadbox. Separate Dining Room with French Style door leading to the backyard. Front Living Room with Bay Window in addition to the Family Room is the perfect amount of space for entertaining family and friends. Built-in's separate the family room from the den/office with roll top desk. Laundry and 1/2 bath on main level. Large Master with walk-in closet, full heated bath, and second & third bedrooms up...
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By Thomas Harder
(Solar Energy)
7 Best 500 Watt Solar Panel (Reviews)We're confident you've decided to go solar. You want to find the greatest solar panels. A reliable manufacturer will increase the efficiency of your solar panel. Recent advances in the solar sector include the 500-watt solar panel, which is among the most innovative.The maximum solar power required for big and medium solar systems is 500 watts. This capability may be employed to reduce space while also producing more power. You can obtain the same amount of solar electricity from a 500 watt solar panel as you can from a 200 or 300 watt solar panel. It is intended to connect to any device.What Factors Should You Consider When Purchasing A 500 Watt Solar Panel?Before choosing a 500-watt panel, consider the following critical qualities. Low-quality, sub...
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By Ryan Zomorodi, Real Estate Investing Expert - Real Estate Skills
Wholesaling real estate is a great strategy for beginners who want to get into investing but don’t have the funds or the experience to do it on their own. It involves scouting potential deals on behalf of an investor and collecting substantial fees just for acting as the middleman in a transaction. After teaching thousands of real estate investors around the country to flip contracts on houses for profit, I know that anyone who follows a tried and true process can earn five to six figures per month with this strategy.It doesn’t require a license or years of schooling to wholesale real estate, but it requires patience and a thorough understanding of the local market. So, if you’re thinking about wholesaling houses, here’s a step-by-step look at how it’s done.What Is Wholesaling Real Esta...
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By Darryl Shurgin, Multistate Mortgage Pro 25+ years
(Contour Mortgage)
I find alot of agents shy away from transactions with a veteran getting VA financing.  Often more from rumor than actual experience.  If so, you're missing a wonderful market, and also these are extremely advantageous loans for qualifying  veterans.While the VA program has certain requirements that a conventional mortgage does not, they happen to be one of the lowest rate loan product on the planet, allow veterans to borrow 100% of the purchase price of the home, 3% seller concession towards closing costs, and usually don't take any longer to close than a conventional mortgage.  I will always offer eligible veterans both options, first for VA and then for conventional.  So if you've had a bad experience in the past, possibly the problem was with the lender having limited experience with...
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By Ann M Huddock, MN & WI REALTOR®️ with Fathom Realty
(Southeast MN Homes)
It can happen in minutes — first a spark of a flame, that spreads rapidly as it searches for fuel. The next thing you know, you could have a life-threatening fire on your hands. But many fires can be prevented with these simple precautions. Most fatal fires in Minnesota happen where people feel safest — in their homes. That’s the bad news. The good news is that most fires are preventable if families simply take the time to discuss fire prevention.Some interesting MN fire facts: Home fires in Minnesota resulted in 64 deaths in 2020 and 37 in 2021. There are 725 fire departments in MN with nearly 87% of all firefighters across the state being volunteer firefighters (data source here).Minnesota wildfire danger & burning restrictions are updated daily on the MN DNR Website. And for an inter...
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By DJ Parker, Realtor serving Hampton Roads Virginia
(EXP Realty LLC)
Pros of Living in Chesapeake Virginia: Schools My #1 pro of living in Chesapeake, Virginia is the main reason my family and I live here.  Chesapeake is well known for its high ranking Public Schools.  According to, Chesapeake Public Schools are ranked 14th out of the 131 school districts in Virginia.  Additionally it was given an A- as an overall grade on that website.  Chesapeake has 7 high schools throughout the city in addition to 10 middle schools and 28 elementary schools.  If you have school aged children, the school system is definitely something you want to consider when looking where to live.  Even if you don’t have children this is an important factor as it improves the overall value of the homes in the area.    2. Crime One of the major pros of living in Chesapeake,...
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By Yuliya Kachko
(Oceanfront Group)
New beautiful Canopy Park in Miami BeachIn the heart of South Beach, in one of the most desirable residential areas South of Fifth, you will discover the new hidden gem Canopy Park. Located right by the upcoming Five Park luxury development, Canopy Park is an excellent addition to the area. Canopy Park consists of 3000 acres of green paradise covered the most unique spot in Miami Beach. Residents of the nearby residential towers such as Icon South Beach, Murano Grande, Continuum Miami Beach and more are regular visitors of this beautiful park.This fabulous island of Canopy Park is strewn with the greenery of various trees, flowers, shades, and palms of the Miami flora. A great place for a refreshing morning jog, evening walk, yoga, meditation, or a personal trainer session. In green lan...
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By Sakari Duvall, *in school
Imagine seeing an ad for this beautiful house with over 6,000 sq. ft for only $150,000 dollars! That would be everybody's dream and wouldn't last on the market for no longer than an hour! Now, imagine seeing that same house and going to look at it the same day, only to find out it's really listed for $1.5 million. Wouldn't that be such a disappointment after being really excited about seeing such a low price? That is why it is very important to make sure that all your information about property is factual. You will gain no clients if you can't be honest when trying to sell property. 
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By Catherine Emert, Residential, land, commercial, businesses
(Strategic Realty, LLC)
Developed in 1972, Crooked River Ranch was originally meant to be a destination resort. Now covering over 10,000 areas it is home to over 2,500 privately owned lots in 16 separate phases. The homes are a great mix of single-family homes and manufactured homes with each being it's own unique property. All lots are divided into 1, 2 and 5 acre parcels giving each owner plenty of space! Did you know that Crooked River Ranch is also in BOTH Deschutes County and Jefferson County?At Strategic Realty, LLC we want to make sure our clients have as much information as possible to help them make the hard decisions when it comes to buying and selling homes. If you are in need of a real estate broker we would love to have the opportunity to represent you! Give us a call at 541-595-8444 or if you pre...
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It was really interesting to notice as I took the required 120 hour pre-licensing classes, just how much of it consisted on lessons promoting honesty. At first I was impressed! Wow, I'm so glad they're putting so much emphasis on this! Then I started to have different thoughts come to my mind: Isn't being honest just a normal everyday thing for most people? I believe it is! And because I believe that way, and live my life that way, it's easy to spot those who aren't living according to the same code.  Cliche as it may sound, doing unto others as you'd have them do unto you, really sums all of this up. We are surrounded by abundance! There is more than enough for each of us to go around, and if we're struggling, there are so many places to go to get you unstuck. Life is a work in progres...
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