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Agent's first blog posts on ActiveRain

By JR Medrano, Real estate wholesaling
Real estate wholesaling is an effective way to make money quickly and easily. This type of investing requires you to acquire distressed properties that can be purchased at reduced prices. You can find these properties at local auctions or online. To find out more, you should contact the companies handling auctions and introduce yourself to them. If you need some money to purchase the properties, you can take out a hard money loan. These loans are aimed at high-risk investments, but they offer quick payoffs. Hard money lenders can also assist you in selling your investments.Learn more about real estate wholesaling here: Wholesaling Houses InfoFinding motivated homeownersFinding motivated homeowners to sell their properties is an essential part of real estate wholesaling. These people may...
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By Liz Lassen and Mark Kosa, Knowledge & Integrity
(Lassen Realty, LLC)
Spacious 4 Bed / 3.1 Bath Colonial with Private, Fenced Backyard OverviewMapsPhotosFeatures $850,000 Single Family Home Main Features 4 Bedrooms3 Full Bathrooms1 Half BathroomInterior: 3,300 sqftLot: 1.68 acre(s)Year Built: 2005MLS #: 73047272 Location 37 Valley View DriveN Grafton, MA 01536USA Liz Lassen & Mark Kosa Lassen Realty, LLC(508) 561-1799team@lassenrealty.com   Listed by: Lassen Realty LLC See more N Grafton, MA real estate for sale
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By Buddy & Liz Contreras, Serving Phoenix West Valley
(CENTURY 21 Arizona Foothills)
Perfect for a small business owner or hobbyist.The detached workshop is professionally built and has electricity running to it. Solid block construction home with great curb appeal. Lush grass front and backyard. Check it out! Contreras602.402.4268CENTURY 21 Arizona Foothills
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By Seth Larson, Real Estate Buyer serving the Kansas City area
(1st Key Homebuyers)
Homeowners looking to sell have a great deal to consider. The market is always uncertain, and these days it feels like the uncertainty is at an all-time high. You may be wondering what you can do to protect your investments and ensure that you’re well-positioned for whatever comes next. Many are faced with questions like: what will my home sell for? Will it sit on the market? Is it even a home that someone will love like I have? Often homeowners are living busy lives and aren’t prepared for the possibility that they may need to move at some point. Maintenance issues or problems that have been ignored can turn into a real headache when you go to sell. That’s where a cash home buyer can come in.  The standard process of buying a home that’s listed “on the market” is familiar to many peopl...
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By dfdgfgghg fgfghgh, dfjkngkfghl
Looking for a school on lease in Delhi NCR? is a great online service that provides a diverse selection of schools for lease at a reasonable price. We have a school for sale in Delhi Ncr that we are selling. Visit our website for additional information.  
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By Jared Ball, Home Inspector serving Vancouver/Portland area.
(Bear Home Inspection LLC)
I’ve recently been reminded on how cool decks are by working with the best contractor in the area on a deck build.  Most folk do not realize that a deck is, in fact, a structure that needs to be designed and built to adequately resist certain stresses. Like any other structure, a deck must be designed to support the weight of live loads and static loads and also resist wind and seismic activity.A deck failure could lead to injury. This includes rail failure or even a total deck collapse. There is no world wide system that monitors deck failures, and each failure is treated as an isolated event, rather than a systemic issue. Very few states perform investigations into the cause of the failure, and the media are generally concerned more with the injuries than the causes of collapses. Rail...
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By Thomas Kiker, Family Friendy
(Exp Realty)
Trader Joe's Hot & Spicy Chicken Wings Chef Dolores picked up a package of Trader Joe's Hot & Spicy Chicken Wings and we tried them for the first time after seeing a recommendation on Twitter. They are fully cooked and all you need to do is to heat them in your microwave or oven. We enjoyed them and recommend this selection for a happy hour or quick dinner. Click on the link to read a review.      Chrysanthemums, Kentlands Photowalk, Gaithersburg, Maryland USA IMG 6301Canon PowerShot G11 CameraPhotograph by Roy KelleyRoy and Dolores Kelley Photographs Roy Kelley, Retired, Former Associate Broker, RE/MAX Realty Group Gaithersburg, Maryland  
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By Emily MacInnes, Your Bridgewater Agent
(Your Local Home Team)
How would you describe your dream home? You know, the one with every amenity and design feature you’ve been looking for? But finding that dream home already built and available on the market isn’t always possible. Whether it’s because of the location, size, price, or available features, it can be difficult to find this dream space without compromise. Rather than struggling to find something that checks all the boxes, some choose to buy land and build their own home. The process is different from buying in the resale market and can get a little complicated, so it’s best to let a REALTOR® guide you through the process, but we’re going to break things down a bit for you here first.Why buy land?According to REALTOR® and salesperson Peter Vandendool in Hamilton, Ontario, having the freedom t...
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By Valeri Dicosola, Your Realtor For Life
(LoKation Real Estate)
5 Reasons Why Colorado Won’t Have a HousingSupply Surge Here are some reasons why we won’t see a HUGE SURGE in home inventory levels versus what we saw beginning in 2006—·        Builders are slowing down production and they have NOT overbuilt. Back in 2006 homebuilders had 30 months of inventory of homes for sale in metro Denver as they had built 80k new homes from 2002 to 2005 when only 10k net new people had moved to metro Denver.·        In 2006 35% of all mortgages were ARMs and a huge percentage of them were either subprime or Option ARMs both of which were very dangerous and FORCED people to sell their homes. Today, only 3% of mortgages are ARMs which means far fewer people will be forced to sell their home because of their mortgage payment exploding on them.·        Unemployment...
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By Karen Mattonen, Your San Diego County Real Estate Specialists
(Homes in San Diego County - Coldwell Banker)
How to have More Confidence in Yourself to make those calls..Confidence (or a lack of it) seems to be a key contributor to call avoidance.. recent research guided to this obvious yet not so obvious realization.Simply put, a lack of confidence prevents even the most passionate of us from making cold, warm or even Hot calls - chilling our calling efforts cold because of instilling our own personal "projection of disapproval" onto the prospect--- (we make the assumption that the potential client is unlikely to be responsive to your offer, or service even before you pick up the Ten Pound Phone).And, if you don't believe that your skills are equal to the task, or, even worse if you don't have pride or believe in the product or service you are offering, it will definitely affect your level of...
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By Eunice (Santos)Martinez
Why is it best to be authentic and honest in all of our interactions? Something that comes to mind when I think of this question is, because sometimes we only have one opportunity, one shot and no second chances. Either way being honest will always save you from experiencing the horrible feeling of regret and stress. Dishonesty on your part will always catch up to you.Friendly reminder that being honest can help build your confidence and also a good reputation. You're word becomes more valuable therefore more will trust, respect you and will want to work with you!Honesty brings peace of mind that I believe makes it totally worth it in the long run! 
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(Align Right Realty)
Deciding whether to jump into the housing market or rent instead is rarely an easy decision – especially if you’re a first-time homebuyer. But in today’s whirlwind market, you may find it particularly challenging to pinpoint the best time to start exploring homeownership. A real estate boom during the pandemic pushed home prices to an all-time high. Add higher mortgage rates to the mix, and some would-be buyers are wondering if they should wait to see if prices or rates come down. But is renting a better alternative? Rents have also soared along with inflation – and are likely to continue climbing due to a persistent housing shortage. And while homebuyers can lock in a set mortgage payment, renters are at the mercy of these rising costs for the foreseeable future. So, what's the better...
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By Jeri Balzer, Real Estate Agent Serving Pinellas and Pasco FL
(Birch Real Estate Services LLC)
Hello all,At the advice of my Broker, I decided to join ActiveRain and start blogging (something I have yet to determine if I am good at!).  I look forward to making connections and being a part of the ActiveRain community.Because I am following instructions from the "Blogging is Easy" ActiveRain welcome email, I'll try not to bore anyone while telling a bit about myself and my journey into Real Estate.I was working in a supervisory position for a large financial institution. I was approached by a former acquaintance who had gotten into the Real Estate industry. She pleaded for a few weeks for me to come join her.  I knew there was no way that my pay could me matched, much less my PTO, benefits, etc.  Then lo and behold, one day she came back to me and offered to bring me on as an assis...
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By Roger Fresno
(GG Realty Group)
How can house fires be prevented? There are many steps that can be taken to minimize the risk of house fires and keep our homes safe from harm. The first step is to ensure that you have working smoke detectors throughout your home. These detectors not only signal when there is a fire, but they also give you crucial time to get out of the house before it becomes engulfed in flames. Along with having working smoke detectors, it's important to always practice good fire safety habits. This includes being vigilant about smoldering candles, never leaving cooking unattended, and making sure that electrical appliances are properly grounded. Another key factor in preventing house fires is ensuring that things like dryer lint traps and space heaters are regularly cleaned and maintained. By taking...
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By Modern Town Real Estate, Selling, Buying and Leasing Properties in Dubai
(Modern Town Real Estate)
Why Dubai Real Estate? Why should you choose Dubai Real Estate for your property investments? Dubai has always been eyed as one of the most profitable venues for real estate investments. Whether you are buying a property for residing or as an investment picking an area where the resale value is good, and the rental prospects are bright, it would be a good choice. This would be a future proof decision for financial security. Considering such aspects, Dubai Real Estate delivers some of the best investment opportunities for home buyers with varied requirements. Here are some reasons why Dubai the Dubai real estate investment is considered an irresistible choice among the residents and expats as well as foreigners from around the world. Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) – regulatory ...
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By Hank Warburton
(Agent Professor)
For my online schooling through Agent Professor Real Estate School, I have been tasked with writing a blog about one of the 21 ways to loose a real estate license. I have chosen to teach about Dual Agency, since I found this photo and thought it was funny. As most people know, withered is usually 2 agents involved in the sale of real estate. One agent represents the buyer, and the other represents the seller. What most people don’t know, is that there is another agent know as the Dual Agent, and they represent both buyer and seller. This practice is illegal in some states, and I believe it is important for readers to understand why. For starters, when you are hired as someone’s agent representing either a buyer or seller, it becomes your duty to represent the clients best interest above...
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By Marie Baginski, Real Estate Investments & Solutions
(Allora Homes)
Moving to a new state or a new city? Wherever your new duty station might be, it doesn’t change the fact that moving is hard and can quickly be overwhelming. While military families might be used to moving regularly, that doesn’t mean the relocation process gets any easier.You may never be able to settle down in a single location due to military deployment or orders for a permanent change of station (PCS). But don’t worry, this is nothing new. This is typical for a military family in Fort Bragg. Therefore you should work on getting used to it and adjusting to the regular deployments. Since a PCS includes a complete household move, it only makes sense to take the required precautions in preparation.With these practical packing and moving ideas for the whole family, whether it’s your firs...
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By Martin Tige
Dishonesty: Dishonesty comes in many different forms, from up-marking a clients house for your own personal gain, to lying about the square footage. Its imperative that honesty is upheld to a critical standard. Your own person reputation and respect is jeopardized when your honesty is compromised.  People who would refer you and vouch for you will begin to second guess that judgement. Leading to newer agents or less qualified agents taking over what could have been your next paycheck. To sum it all up, is it worth it to starve your family because you wanted a "quick sell" or have your personal "play time"?
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