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Agent's first blog posts on ActiveRain

If you want to be involved in your business but not too involved, then semi-absentee ownership might be the arrangement for you. Whether you’re a busy parent, a budding entrepreneur working with a team, or someone who wants to be involved in their business but is tied down by commitments elsewhere, semi-absentee ownership may be your answer. What is semi-absentee ownership?Semi-absentee ownership is a business structure where a business owner is not completely hands on with the business. In semi-absentee business structures, the business owner – the founder – is not daily involved with the business. How does semi-absentee ownership work?Semi-absentee ownership is a great way for you to have the best of both worlds, to have a strong say in how your business is run while still being able ...
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By Signature Group, Your Go-To Tucson Real Estate Team
(Signature Group with Realty Executives)
Hello Tucson residents, transplants, visitors and those of you wanting to know more about our amazing city! We are the Signature Group at Realty Executives - more specifically, I'm Jason, one of the managing partners of this top-notch team (the guy in the middle of Mount Crushmore for reference). Rebecca Crane, the accountability master, is to my right and Tanner Herbert, the numbers guy, is to my left! Together we coach and train our real estate agents to be the very best for the many buyers, sellers and investors we have the honor of representing in Southern Arizona! Yes, this is our very first blog post so I figured I'd lay the groundwork, introduce myself and give you a little insight on what we hope to use this platform for! Will there be market information? Of course. Will there b...
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Abogados de Accidentes Ahora en Santa Ana se especializa en demandas por lesiones personales a consecuencia de las acciones negligentes de un tercero. Somos un equipo legal profesional, que domina una amplia y vasta experiencia, en el manejo de las demandas más difíciles por lesiones, en Santa Ana. Los Abogados de Accidentes Ahora en Santa Ana, California no solo hablamos español, NOSOTROS HABLAMOS TU IDIOMA y nuestra mirada está puesta en defender los intereses de miles de latinos. Nuestro equipo legal mantiene una tasa de éxito del 99% en los casos de lesiones personales.
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By Kenneth Meichtry
I joined ActiveRain because I would like to help people prepare their homes for selling in Morro Bay, California. I am also a Valentus Representative and will link ActiveRain to my contact information so that people can see how beautiful Morro Bay is.
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These are my main six different ways to lift your carpentry game. I present them in an inverted request, so leap to the last passage if you're searching for the top way.1. Don't bring up your misstepsMost carpenters consistently start to show a piece by expressing what's going on with their work. That promptly signs watchers that there are issues – that sabotage your work. Proficient carpenters never bring up their missteps.They see the mistakes, gain from the errors, and are upset by them, yet they never go on about them.2. Use the ideal tools to get everything doneCompletely prepared carpentry shops have a combination of hand and force instruments. To be a superior carpenter, you wanted to get when to utilize best tools for woodworking and carpentry.My cherished story came to fruition...
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Desirable unit on a courtyard with dedicated outdoor space. Property includes in-unit washer/dryer, parking and wall mounted storage - this condo has it all. Appliances: Built-In Electric Range, Dishwasher, Disposal, Free Standing Electric Range, Free Standing Refrigerator. Laundry Closet, Washer/Dryer Stacked Included. Also Common Areas, Door Person, Maintenance Exterior, Maintenance Grounds, Management, Trash, Water all available in this unit.
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By katherine solorzano
advertising, or circulate any material or information that is false or misleading. and Putting advertise together that is false, may subject a licensee to disciplinary action. weather its adverting a house or parts of the house, you can lose your license.
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By Cathy Cirrincione
(Realty Executives)
The saying “there’s always a first time” definitely applies to me, this is my first blog.I am a new agent and heard about Active Rain during an on line class I’m taking with Diana Bustamante.                                                                                                                 Before the pandemic we had started looking to downsize to a smaller home and I realized how interesting it was to be in real estate. After everything shut down, we were not sure what would happen because we were self employed. That is when I decided to take the class and so so glad I did.
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By Steve Connolly, the Rockin Broker
(steve connolly realty)
The price of homes in recent days has gone through the roof in Reno NV and the surrounding areas.  Investors are having a hard time finding anything reasonable to flip.  I happen to have a listing over 2000 sq ft that needs updating in Silver Springs and priced to sell at 159k sitting on .70 acre with all utilities there--ready to move into.  Its a MF home with a stick built.  There is nothing lower in Reno, Carson City or even in Silver Springs this big for that price.  You may check and see  Call me if interested  3609 Atkins, Silver Springs, NV 89429  I also have a duplex priced to sell in Hawthorne NV at 742 D St at only 49k  thanks
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Hi Everyone, I am 19 years old and on a journey to becoming a real estate agent. I have just finished my sales agent course and I am looking for more practice and studying before taking the state exam. I wanted to come on here to blog about my real estate journey and everything I learn. If you guys have any study tips for the state exam, specifically the Utah state exam please let me know! Also, if you guys have any other tips in getting started in real estate or advice I would love that as well. Thank you! Have a good day all (:
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By Parriss King
Hello there!  Have you ever gone to an online store, found a really great outfit, and then order it? You are so excited, watching out the windows at every car that passes by until the package arrives? Just like Christmas morning you are jumping for joy as you slice through the tape and open up your gift to yourself. But it looks slightly off. No worries, you haven't put it on yet. Excitedly you get dressed, and then look at yourself in the mirror and deflate. It looks nothing like what you ordered. In fact, one could say that there is no resemblance what so ever. You huff and tilt your head back wondering why the universe has done this to you. You probably spent $100, maybe more and maybe less, but you still spent that money and probably feel bad about it now. Now imagine that you did t...
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Abstract:In the biblical book of Genesis the story of the Tower of Babel discusses a time when the people of Earth following the flood of Noah were unified in speech and sought to build a giant tower reaching to the heavens. God intervened and confused the languages of the people causing disunity and resulting in the great tower to remain unfinished. In modern times, many archeologists have been reluctant to attribute historical basis to the story, instead suggesting it was invented as a teaching myth. However recent discoveries in Babylon bring support that the story had a basis in fact.Interested in facts about Archeology? Check out our History of the World Facts Section!Description:Towers and LanguagesChapter 11 of the book of Genesis describes the world following the Flood of Noah w...
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By David Goldberg, Mortgage Lender in all 50 states
(United Trust Bank)
What are the top questions to ask a lender before you choose your mortgage advisor?Watch this quick video to see how to pick the right lender: sure you are picking the right lender to work for, and remember, trust your gut! If the person you are dealing with doesn't make you feel right, move on! There are plenty of lenders to choose from.
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By Karl R Schulz
(Innovative Mortgage Services Inc. #250769)
We just had a spot open on the first page of Google! That was the opening pitch the last SEO sale rep told me! He was able to say that with what sounded like a straight face. If I had $2 (with todays inflation it's now recommended to use $2) for all the SEO sales calls I've received since SEO became a thing, well I could pay a real SEO guru to optimize my web site. If it was only that easy to rank as a Mortgage Lender in Florida, by having them swap out first page rankings.What are some of the best or let's say the worst SEO call's you have gotten? 
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By Kimberley Rosenstein
Surprise home in Orchards Parcel is a beautiful home on a corner lot with all new appliances, a new water heater, and a new pool pump for your private pool located within walking distance to Spring Training Facility. This gorgeous 2 story home is perfect for entertaining with an open chef's kitchen complete with cherry cabinets and granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and a gas stove. The open kitchen flows into a spacious family room and sliding glass doors to your private pool and covered outdoor patio. Easy entertaining. Formal dining with new lighting (new lighting throughout the home) creates a perfect family home. New shaw carpets compliment the wood flooring and tile. 3 car garage houses all your toys (one is even extended and oversized with separate direct entry). Ne...
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By Virtuance Real Estate Marketing, Nationwide photography/3D tour provider
Real estate agents in Salt Lake City, Utah and Atlanta, Georgia (and let's be honest, agents across the country) are up against some tough competition. To be successful in the real estate industry, you need a strong social media presence and great marketing skills. When you start to increase your social media presence by encouraging engagement on your posts, you will generate more traffic and leads to your real estate website. If you’re looking to boost your social media engagement, take a look at the contest and giveaway ideas listed below. At the bottom of this article, we listed a number of different prizes you can use for your social media contests. We've put together 4 social media contest ideas for real estate agents to generate leads.  Ask your audience to comment with a personal...
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By Kimberly Banks Fawcett
(Inspired Capital Group, LLC)
We are looking for an REO agent in the Belleville, IL area who is up for a challenge! ;)  This property will need some work, has troublesome neighbors, and could be a large project. We aren't sure at this point if it's worth a renovation, or tearing down and building new. That's where you come in. Please let me know if this is something you would be interested in! 
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By Charles Bezak Just testing out this service. Looking to really build out our SEO and other keywords for marketing purposes soon.  Please like and follow us.
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By Brian Gebo
(Century 21 Dawn's Gold Realty)
FOR SALE:12 Unit Multifamily Off Market PropertyYonkers, NYAsking Price: $2 MillionFor more information/financials please contact me by phone at (914) 704-5156 or by email at Brg915@gmail.comAll potential buyers must sign an NCND prior to receiving additional info/financials.
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Real estate is one of the oldest and most stable investments that you can make. If you are looking for a way to build wealth, invest in real estate. Here are 5 reasons why investing in property could be the best decision you ever make!1. Investment property offers security and steady cash flowBy investing in real estate, you can begin to generate income as soon as the first tenant moves in. You do not need to wait years for your investment to grow like it does with other types of investments. With investment properties, you are able to collect rent on a monthly basis. If you have multiple units, the income can be very lucrative!2. Real estate investments have tax advantagesIf you invest in property, even if your investment is rental property, then there are some big tax benefits that co...
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