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Agent's first blog posts on ActiveRain

By Christina Swift
(Chambers Realty Group)
Comments 5
New Construction Home in Kingman, AZ

By Brad Bragg, Servicing St. John's Area & Professional Referrals
(NLhomefinder - Royal LePage Vision Realty)
Comments 3
A great turnout by members of the Mount Pearl - Paradise Chamber of Commerce who met with Chris Janes, CMHC to discuss the 2020 housing market and the overall economy. Many were interested in learning how 2019 compared to previous years, and how economic factors such as population, employment, wa...
In order to get your real estate license you must, be over the age of 18, have a general education , must be a citizin in the U.S., must attend a class of 120 hours,  you must live in the state at which you are apllying for a license, and pass all required exams. Now someone with a criminal convi...

By Dolores Golden DRE lic#01075537, Dolores Golden
(1st Interstate Realtors)
Comments 3
Hi Colleagues ,im doing a bunch of fannie mae bpo's for service link, but they are requiring an aerial view,any of you had this issue ?

By Catherine Richardson, An online course to boost your real estate career
(Worldwide CR Coaching and Consulting)
Comments 10
Hi, I'm hoping I can get someone to respond to me by posting here.  I've requested help with this 4x via Customer Support and 2x when I replied directly to an email saying that my request has been received.I have a very straight forward issue - when I try to post my picture on my profile, I get a...

By Sherry Cromar
Comments 0
In my training of Real Estate, so far I have learned the most about the different types of agencys. I had no idea that there were so many different types. and that you had to be so up front about the type of relationship you would be having with the client. It makes a lot of sence now that I have...

By Kortnee Smith
(Industry Observer)
Comments 4
Keeping records and accurate records is important as a real estate agent and poor record keeping can come back to haunt you. Records must be preserved for 3 years and need to be accesible and organized. This includes when an offer is rejected, accepted and closed, or accepted and failed. Today re...

By Shally Warner, Hey, I am Shally Warner, love to ping things .
(Shally Warner)
Comments 6
Miami is the city that is known for its outstanding nightlife, food and shopping centers. The city will enable everyone to take part in events, where it is filled with 24x7 excitement. Individuals who are visiting Miami with their friends or family will experience Miami like never before. With th...

By cody ross
(Cody Ross )
Comments 6
what makes contracts valid and enforceable? has anyone had a contract that was not enforced for any reason?

By guadalupe silva
Comments 3
I recently watched a video of a realtor who had a client that really trusted in him to sell his property. The realtor taking advantage of his client's trust, would often meet up with a women at this property for sexual encontours! The realtor not realizing there were hidden cameras outside and in...

By Michael Yates, VP of Marketing at Virtuance
Comments 0
We recently conducted a survey of Realtors to understand marketing trends in the real estate industry. We generated hundreds of responses to create a summary of the hottest trends in real estate marketing and we’re excited to share the results with you!The goal of this post is to share those tren...

By Nichole Stevens, industry observer
(agent professor)
Comments 5
Hello everyone! this is my first blog!!!! I think this blog platform for Real Estate professionals is so great! Im excited to hear all of the ideas and advice from my peers in the trenches. As I've been studying to get my Real Estate license I've been thinking alot about how I should go about bec...

By Kurt Uhlir, Real Estate Marketing Coach & Speaker
(Showcase IDX)
Comments 7
While WordPress is by far the best website platform available, mistakes are commonly made when setting it up. This guide will walk you through the most common mistakes made when setting up a real estate website using WordPress and how to fix them.Whether you’re a real estate agent, the marketer f...

By The Residential to Commercial Academy Inc., Commercial real estate online course.
(The Residential to Commercial Academy Inc.)
Comments 6
Working as a residential real estate agent is a rewarding and fruitful career, but what happens when you want to keep growing? Fact is, no matter how dedicated you are, residential deals can only bring so much money per transaction. Geographic areas and the housing market can really limit you, bu...

By Real Estate By Ahmed Khan
(Real Estate By Ahmed Khan)
Comments 2
The right time of selling your homes mainly depends on the financial and personal situation as well as the reasons for selling the homes. Furthermore, the current situation of the real estate market and the state of the economy are also essential but these factors are minor in front of the reason...

By Matthew Kraai, doing this for a trainer course for a real estate
Comments 3
In today's world, there seem to be so many dishonest people. What happened to the times you could leave your house and just the doors unlocked and trust people would not steal or mess with any of your belongings? I am currently in real estate school and I came across this story of this real estat...

By Jennifer Kropf, Home and Lifestyle blogger
Comments 12
We love our home, but not for the reasons you would think. You see, we don't love the inside. The layout, weird closets, and small garage all made us pause.  Yet, it's our dream home. We love it for the lifestyle design. In that, it makes our lives better. You see, when choosing our house, we con...

By Sean Walsh, Home Builder / Online Cabinetry Retailer
(Walsh Built Homes / Walcraft Cabinetry)
Comments 6
As we all know, kitchens sell. Would it be fair to say, the kitchen is one of the top three features that turns a warm buyer, into a hot buyer? I think so. To make a beautiful kitchen happen, it needs the right cabinets for the job. In this article, I want to share a bit about RTA cabinets (ready...

By Melissa Manemann, Real Estate Broker Associate in Dallas
(Coldwell Banker Apex, Realtors)
Comments 8
This year I have decided to farm my own neighborhood.  Because it's rather large, I am only doing a portion. I am following the conventional process of 1 mailer per week for eight weeks followed by twice a month.  I am sending market stats and just listed/solds.  Does anyone have any tips on cons...

By Bruno DiRenzo,
(RE/MAX Centre City John DiRenzo Team Brokerage)
Comments 0
It's exciting to move into a new house or apartment, but it can also be an exhausting process. When you are faced with a new space cluttered with boxes and furniture that needs to be unpacked, sometimes the simplest little things can make your day better. Here are a few quick tips to make moving ...