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This topic is very interesting to me.  When I purchased my 1st home, the  1st agent we had hired would only show us homes, he himself had listed.  I didn't know this is a huge blunder on his part.  I would take addresses we wanted to see, he refused to take us to any of them unless he was the listing agent on them.  Needless to say, we eventually hired a different agent.I didn't know at the time that this is something called Dual Agency.  I also think the agent is steering you to only buy a home he has listed.  This results in the agent getting a full commission because he is representing both parties.  This is a huge conflict of interest.  Is he helping you or is he helping the seller?  Are you paying more for your home than necessary or is the seller getting short cutted and the agent...
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By Matthew Scarborough, Local Market Expert
(Scarborough Realty LLC)
Top Reasons People Are Moving to Santa Fe, NM Enchanting Culture and Arts Scene One of the primary reasons people are drawn to Santa Fe is its rich cultural tapestry and thriving arts scene. Homebuyers seeking a vibrant community will find art galleries, live performances, and a history that permeates every corner of the city. This allure is a significant boon for real estate agents listing properties that dot the culturally rich landscapes of Santa Fe. Serene Lifestyle and Natural Beauty Those looking for tranquility and inspiration often turn to Santa Fe for its serene lifestyle and breathtaking natural beauty. The city's calm vibe and picturesque surroundings are perfect for buyers wanting a peaceful retreat or scenic luxury real estate. With so many seeking a sanctuary away from th...
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By The Property Warehouse, The Property Warehouse is a real estate solutions
(The Property Warehouse)
When it comes to selling your house in Hartford, Connecticut, it can be a daunting task filled with uncertainty and stress. Traditional real estate methods can often be time-consuming and frustrating, leaving homeowners searching for a better solution. That's where The Property Warehouse comes in as your trusted partner in the real estate market. We Buy Houses Hartford, and we're here to provide you with a hassle-free and convenient way to sell your home. In this informative article, we will explore why The Property Warehouse is the go-to option for homeowners looking to sell their houses in Hartford, highlighting our unique approach, the benefits we offer, and the steps involved in our process. Why Choose The Property Warehouse? A Proven Track Record The Property Warehouse has establi...
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By Eric Engelbert, Broker/Owner
(Orange County Real Estate, Inc.)
Welcome to Orange County Real Estate, Inc.'s latest market report. Our mission is to provide you with valuable statistical insights directly from the MLS, ensuring you're well-prepared to make informed decisions regarding real estate in Orange County, California. Whether you're a buyer, seller, or considering a relocation within or outside the state, we're here to empower you with the information you need.Analyzing Recent Trends:This week, we've observed an uptick in inventory both in Orange County and nationwide. Interestingly, this increase comes at a time when historical trends would typically indicate a decrease in inventory levels. However, if buyers remain diligent and continue to take advantage of the current inventory, we could see a significant drop in available homes. The late...
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By Seth Miller, Student
I’ve served in my current profession for more than two decades. During this time, I have seen plenty of record keeping. However, the record keeping that I have seen ranges from ok to not so great. While there were plenty of ways to keep records, the biggest challenge to good record keeping is being able to get people to modify their desk top procedures to fit a larger record keeping scheme.Microsoft Excel is the middle ground for the record keeping that I have seen. While Excel is decent at storing and processing information with formulas it is not wonderful either. As a supervisor I saw people sorting and filtering the same spreadsheet daily to get the information they needed.Microsoft PowerPoint is at the low end of the record keeping spectrum. PowerPoint’s strength is showing a group...
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By Mohammed nadeem khan, Building Better, Smarter, Faster is in our DNA. We
(Virtual Design Engineering Consultants)
BIM 3D modeling services in Florida and worldwide for comprehensive architectural modeling projects across the globe.
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By James Peterson, Top-Producing RE Team Serving Nor Cal for 19 yrs.
(Keller Williams Realty)
 The Rumored Crash: A Look Back at 2022Mid-2022 was a tumultuous time for the housing market. Interest rates, which had been comfortably low at around 3%, suddenly spiked, reaching up to 7% by the year's end. This surge had a significant impact, particularly in areas like the Sacramento region, where home prices saw a decline of up to 15% from June through December 2022. This downturn was accompanied by a noticeable drop in new inventory, leading to a market slowdown.A Turn of the Tide: Stabilization in Early 2023As the new year dawned, the market began to show signs of stabilization. Inventory levels were low, echoing the scarcity seen in previous all-time lows. Despite interest rates hovering around 7%, home prices started to climb once more from March through September. This resilien...
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By Rob McConville, CT Shoreline Real Estate Expert
(Coldwell Banker Choice Properties)
The concept of homeownership has been a cornerstone of the American dream for centuries, and one of the key components of achieving that dream is securing a mortgage. Throughout history, mortgage rates have fluctuated significantly, reflecting economic conditions, government policies, and societal changes. This article explores the fascinating journey of historical mortgage rates, from their humble beginnings to modern trends.The Early Roots of MortgagesMortgages, in some form, have existed for thousands of years. The word "mortgage" itself comes from the Old French "morgage," meaning a "dead pledge." In medieval Europe, a mortgage was essentially a conditional conveyance of land, where the borrower held the land but promised it as security for a loan. Interest rates during these times ...
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By Albert Wolf, Seniors Real Estate Specialist Empowering Seniors
(America's Real Estate Agency)
As we age, our housing needs often evolve, and for many seniors in Southeast Florida, this may mean considering a new home. However, the process of purchasing a home in one's golden years comes with unique challenges and considerations. From financial constraints to physical limitations, seniors often face hurdles when navigating the real estate market. Fortunately, there's a group of professionals specially trained to assist seniors with their real estate needs: Senior Real Estate Specialists (SRES) Realtors. In this blog, we'll explore some of the challenges seniors encounter when purchasing a home in Southeast Florida and how an SRES Realtor can provide invaluable assistance. Financial Constraints: One of the most significant challenges seniors face when buying a home in Southeast F...
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By Tyler Thrush, Tyler Thrush has been involved in hundreds of Real
(Boise House Buyers)
Following are some useful answer that can help you take a better decision when buying a new home: Why would a home buyer choose a new construction home over an existing home? Because there's going to be a lot less issues, up front the house is brand new, a lot of your major systems: your air conditioning, your roof, your plumbing, your electrical, there shouldn't be any problems at the house if it was built correctly, and then secondly a lot of new homes are built in new neighborhoods with new amenities like Pools Parks things like that, perhaps new schools which are very enticing to buyers. Do new homes typically come with any kind of guarantees or warranties?  Yes they do and they vary depending on who the home builder is so you should check with your individual home builder but they'...
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By Brittco Properties LLC, Sell Your House Fast Kansas City
(Brittco Properties LLC)
Introduction Are you in a situation where you need to sell your house quickly, without the hassle of making repairs and renovations? Whether it's due to an urgent relocation, financial challenges, or simply a desire for a streamlined selling process, Brittco Properties LLC has the solution you've been looking for. We understand that selling a home can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to addressing repairs and improvements. That's why we're here to offer you a hassle-free, as-is home selling experience. In this guide, we'll explore how you can sell your house fast without the need for costly repairs, and why Brittco Properties LLC is your trusted partner in this journey. Discover the key to a stress-free home sale that aligns with your timeline and needs.The Hassles of Home R...
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By Alex Casablanca, Triple Net (NNN) Investment Broker
Hi, my name is Alex Casablanca, Managing Broker at Casablanca Triple Net Lease Advisors. We are a boutique brokerage firm based in Orlando, Florida specializing in Selling NNN Investment Properties Nationwide USA. We represent Buyers, Sellers and 1031 Exchange investors in finding and negotiating the best NNN property according to their investment goals and risk tolerance.Today I’m going to talk to you about How to Buy a NNN Property in Florida. The state of Florida is the investor’s preferred location for their NNN Investment and 1031 Exchange replacement property. The main attraction for buying NNN Properties for Sale in Florida is that Florida is a No Income Tax State, in which the passive income is not subject to state taxes. A strong economy, strong population growth, and all-year-...
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By Julia Charters, Assistant in pre-licensing training
(Agent Professor)
In Utah, the water system we use is called prior appropriation. This system was developed by early pioneers. They knew that the riparian system used in the eastern, wetter states would not work in arid Utah, so they came up with the doctrine of prior appropriation. Unlike the riparian system, which allocates water rights to those who own the land on which the water exists, the prior appropriation system allocates water based on two main considerations: who was using the water first (also said as "first in time, first in right"), and whether the use is considered beneficial (usually economically). If someone with water rights is not using their rights, or not using them for a beneficial purpose, the rights may be taken away. This system helps to optimize water use in a state where water ...
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By Meg Bourdon, learning to become an agent
(Agent Professionals)
I am very interested in how Disney explored his options before he decided where and how much land he need to purchase to bring the world a much bigger place to explore adventures and family fun. What I am looking for is the different thoughts that everyone has one the subject. What are the does and don't in the situation and how can we as agents improve from it? 
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By Zbranek & Holt Custom Homes, Custom Home Builder in Austin
(Zbranek & Holt Custom Homes)
The custom home builders Austin, Texas industry stands out in the United States as a hotspot for massive infrastructure projects, commercial developments, and residential developments. With its second-largest population and second-largest area, Texas has a robust custom home builder sector, with countless custom home builder companies, each with its own strengths and specialties. One name consistently stands out when it comes to identifying the best custom home builder company in Texas: Zbranek & Holt Custom Homes.Zbranek & Holt Custom HomesBased in Austin, Texas, Zbranek and Holt Custom Homes is a world leader in engineering, procurement, custom home builder, maintenance and project management in Austin. With roots dating back to 1986, Zbranek and Holt Custom Homes have become giants i...
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When I put 5981 Gales Ln in Columbia, MD on the market last month, I braced myself for much not-so-favorable feedback. You see, this 1950s rambler is a true time capsule. It has an original kitchen, original bathrooms, and is in need of quite a bit of work ranging from new windows, to kitchen and bathroom upgrades, a new driveway, new garage door, new flooring, new HVAC, new paint, and extensive landscaping.  But, it had a lot going for it, too. It sits on 1.5+ acres in the heart of Columbia which made it truly a rare find. It's an outparcel whose original owners refused to sell out when Columbia was developed in the 1960s. Thus, it is not assessed the annual CPRA fee like most properties in Columbia, yet it benefits from all the town has to offer.  It also has a great floorplan, cente...
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By Kourtney Myers
Dual Representation is an interesting topic to me.  I find it could happen more often than it seems.  I find that if dual representation is considered to happen if the selling agent and the buying agent are affiliated with the same Broker.  I find that within the Broker office agents would be working together in ways to find buyers and sellers to support each other.  So if I was the selling agent and I might know that an agent in our office has a family looking for a house like or similar to the one I have listed I would share that information with them.  Does this seem to be the case?  Wouldn't this happen often? Just curious how this is and do most Principal clients find this ok? 
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By Thomas Bouda, ADU and Renovation Loan Officer at Guild Mortgage
While I'm certainly not new to Renovation Lending and ADU additions, I am new to ActiveRain and look forward to learning from the group. 
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By Jude Campbell, Real Estate Advisory Supporting Investor Clients
(CF Real Estate Advisory)
In the vast realm of investment opportunities, high-yield real estate investing stands out as a robust avenue for wealth accumulation. The allure of real estate, a tangible asset, is timeless and universal, promising both stability and potentially attractive returns. For investors willing to dig deep, the U.S. real estate market is a treasure treasure trunk, no matter where you look.The High-Yield PromiseHigh-yield real estate investing focuses on properties that generate significant rental income relative to their purchase price. This approach contrasts with capital appreciation strategies, where the primary expectation is for the property's value to increase over time. High-yield properties aim to provide a steady, ongoing income stream, offering a cushion against market fluctuations ...
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