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Agent's first blog posts on ActiveRain

This exercise is a part of my Real Estate School Training and I chose to make up a story on the topic of Undisclosed Principle - Failing to Disclose (and almost borderline Unprofessional Conduct) and how Agents should be aware that this occurrence could happen more commonly than you think. Here is my short (Fictional) story.Barbra is an Agent in the Suburbs of Utah and is preparing to take her perspective buyers out to look at some houses. She didn't prepare and review the property info fully before showing the homes in time. Barbra's clients asked that they remove homes that have HOAs from their search and expressed their desire to be free of those constraints. Barbra didn't fully check her perspective properties and ended up showing a home within an HOA to her Buyers.The Buyers asked ...
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By David Ghavitian, Real estate lawyer in Montreal.
(David Ghavitian)
Getting started in the real estate market is a major decision requiring a substantial financial commitment. Buyers should complete thorough market research before ever investing large sums of money.Many myths and false perceptions about the real estate market provide unreliable information and make transactions that much more difficult. To make informed decisions when transacting in the real estate market, note the following facts and common real estate market myths. Myths And Facts About Real Estate Myth: You Can Buy a Home Without the Help of An Agent Yes, you can easily buy or sell a home without a real estate agent, especially because many websites provide a wealth of information to the public on all steps of the buying and selling process. Nevertheless, buyers should do it with cau...
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By Tricia Starley, We specialize in a global reach
(Huntsman & Realtors)
Interesting facts about Walt Disney when he purchased the ground in Fl, for Disney World.  He came in as an undisclosed buyer for the purchase of all the land, which now is being taxed, the land and property has never been taxed before, interesting.
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By Doug Kamerer, Realtor Who Rides!
Every spring the residential Real Estate market fires back up with homeowners wanting to list and sell their homes and a far greater number of buyers wanting to purchase their first home or their next home.From the Realtor's side, January 15 is like clockwork, it feels like " a light switch is flipped on! With everyone having just enjoyed the holidays, Christmas, Hanukka, and the ringing in of the New Year, the phone calls, texts, and other digital notifications start flooding in.As a first-time buyer let me help you avoid any of the pitfalls and mistakes. I can help you be confident in what you can afford, I can help you find the right home. It's worth noting our team has nearly 100 years of combined experience and quickly approaching 6,000 transactions. These numbers mean we have seen...
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By Bob Canning, Creating community, one home and family at a time
(ISO Realty at Silvercreek Realty Group)
The real estate industry is constantly evolving. At times, it can feel like the challenges are like a waterfall and you're about to go over the edge, overwhelmed by the current of tasks and skills you need to develop. Here are some of the biggest challenges I find facing real estate agents today: I face them, and I know from personal experience that most of the agents I work around deal with them on a daily basis. Technology: The rise of technology has brought about a number of changes to the real estate industry, and agents must now navigate a variety of digital platforms in order to market and sell properties. This includes everything from social media and online listing portals to virtual tours and virtual open houses. Start with the basics. Create a Facebook profile for you and a Fa...
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By Donald Sutherland, Reverse puts borrower back in the "Driver's Seat"
(Mortgage Network)
Reverse Mortgage helps Realtors in slow real estate market - Now pays her mortgage when she receives a commission check!
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By Bradford Simmons, CPA providing tax debt resolution services
(Ocean Consulting Services LLC)
You have tax debt and need help. We’re here to walk you through the tax collections process and develop a personalized plan to address your tax situation.Let’s review our debt resolution process.To begin with we can assist at any stage of the process: Are you about to file your tax returns but don’t have enough money to send in payment - we can help Are you receiving notices from the IRS about your tax debt - we can help Did the IRS notify you that they intend to file a Notice of Tax Lien - we can help Were you just notified that the IRS intends to seize / levy your property - we can help Has the IRS already started taking your property - we can help In other words it’s never too early or too late for us to help.First up - who am I / why should you trust me to resolve your tax debt. I’m...
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By Linh Luong, Linh Luong is one of the top real estate agent.
(LLRE Gruop)
Business owners often only have time to think about a little beyond the everyday responsibilities that keep them functioning. Still, as a company develops, its space demands typically rise as well. At some point, it becomes vital for a business owner to examine whether the space is the proper size and if it is suitably outfitted in a way that preserves the firm working most efficiently. As you start to examine your needs, it is typically a great idea to have the best commercial real estate agent engaged. An agent specializing in commercial real estate will be able to manage some of the weight for you as you look into relocation or expansion. A real estate agent in Houston will consider your requests and provide space that suits your requirements and is in the best position for new and p...
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By Greg Raymer, USA House Partners is a broker licensed in the sta
(Usa House Partners)
There can be several reasons why a home may not be selling. Some common reasons include:1.Pricing: If the home is priced too high, it may not be competitive in the market, and potential buyers may be looking at other properties that are priced more reasonably.2.Condition: If the home is in poor condition, it may be difficult to attract buyers. Issues like deferred maintenance, clutter, and outdated decor can turn buyers off.3.Location: The location of the home can be a factor in its salability. Homes in desirable neighborhoods or areas with good schools and amenities are more likely to sell quickly.4.Marketing: If the home is not being effectively marketed, it may not be reaching the right audience. Poor photographs, a lack of online exposure, and ineffective advertising can all contrib...
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By Aamer Parvez, N/A
I come from the East Coast and have had my fair share of working with several real estate agents over the last few years. It has been my experience that each agent I have dealt with on the East Coast has been unprofessional and unethical. This actually sparked my drive to want to enter into the real estate market. I have seen these agents take an offer and present it to a buyer's agent and subsequently have a side discussion (without informing the potential buyer) that why number their client is at and where the seller need to counter to close the deal. I have seen  agents lie to a buyer to try and sell a property of mine, which is also unprofessional and extremely unethical. The games that I have seen being played on the East coast - all in the name of making a quick sale and earning c...
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By TGAZ Investment LLC
(TGAZ Investment LLC)
You may be wondering who Sell House in Mesa Arizona; are they companies or single investors, and what is their motive for buying your house in any condition? The answer is that there are several reasons why companies that buy your house for cash do so, however, it is mostly for investment, and this investment can be carried out under a large company or a sole proprietorship.
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By Karen Pizzo, Over 10 Years Experience as a Realtor and Educator
(Homeward Real Estate)
Hi,I'm Karen and I'm looking forward to making connections with fellow real estate professionals to share information and collaborate ideas.I am a real estate agent in Tampa, Florida.  I have an active list of wholesalers and wholesale companies sending me off-market properties daily from all over Florida.I have an active list of investor buyers looking to buy off-market properties as well.I have searched online for information on guidance for realtors to properly execute the wholesale assignment contract to interested buyers with a fee.  Needless to say, I've not had any success.I'm certainly open to information and suggestions.  
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By Mark Sias, Executive Closing Agents
(Noble Notary & Legal Document Preparers)
An Executive Closing Agent (ECA) is a Signing Agent (Notary Public or Closing Attorney) who has honed the craft to perfection such that merits higher than average fees from Vendors for the closing services rendered. In short; You get what you pay for! They will typically handle HIGH NET WORTH CLIENTELE on a regular basis without flaw or intimidation.Please allow me to illustrate this further… A Notary Public is a rather “low entry” field for the most part. Theoretically, any old notary or signing agent can conduct a real estate closing. The bar is low, but the margin for error is HIGH! The larger & subsequently more important the transaction, the higher the stakes become for all parties involved!  Industrious Title & Escrow firms, and those lenders out to make a serious name for themsel...
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By Candice Silverthorn, "Let me do all the heavy lifting!"
(Candice Silverthorn, Realtor, RE/MAX Lake of the Ozarks)
Having a dock on the Lake of the Ozarks requires a little maintenance, right?? Anybody that has a dock on the lake would probably say "a little??" Ha ha. Yeah maybe more than just a little lol.Well my husband and I tackled our dock after we bought a home on the lake. We knew it needed a lot of repair. But my husband is a carpenter, so how bad could it be?? We managed to fix three areas by ourselves. That includes the walkway in the water, which was detached from the pier, and two areas with the boards popped up with the floats sticking out.Well our dock did not have big enough floats, so we bought 6 4x8x20 new floats, ($469 a piece) and hired two fantastic companies to help finish the hardest part! They were both a Godsend! Beasley's Mobile Welding & Repair LLC. and Wicked Welding LLC. ...
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By William Culler, Where there's a Will there's a way.
(Coldwell Banker Salute)
Hi everyone,My name is William J Culler and I am a real estate agent with Coldwell Banker Salute in Lawton, Oklahoma. If you are considering moving to the Lawton area, I highly recommend checking out our website at or our main website at Our team is dedicated to helping you find the perfect home for you and your family.Lawton is a great place to call home with a rich history and culture. One of the best ways to learn about the area is by visiting The Museum of the Great Plains, which features a variety of archaeological and cultural artifacts, as well as a replica of a trading post. Another great way to learn about the history of Lawton is by visiting the Fort Sill National Historic Landmark & Museum. This active Army fort was established in 1869, ...
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By Monique Couture, 208-627-7564 Sandpoint Idaho Real Estate Realtor
(Sandpoint Realty LLC)
Dry Creek Acres1728 and 2026 Dry Creek Road. Clark Fork, Idaho 8381190 Acre Estate, Two Homes with Utilities, 100% surrounded by US Forest Service, with Dry Creek running through it and Year-round Accessibility at the End of a County Maintained road. Main Home is 2,244 sq. ft. 4 bed, 2 bath with multiple outbuildings. Cabin is 1033 sq. ft with 10 GPM artesian well water, pump house, power and 1000 gal. concrete septic. With two hunting blinds, an extensive trail system and panoramic mountain views, this one of a kind acreage last seen on the market 47 years ago is a mountain valley wilderness - wildlife, solitude and spectacular cliff views watching mountain goats out the window. Located minutes from western Montana, excellent fishing on the Clark Fork River and Lake Pend Oreille. Close...
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By Thadeus Brewer, Real Estate Sales & Financing | USMC Veteran
(Pro Mortgage and Real Estate)
You’ve served bravely for our country, and now you’re ready for a new home. A Military Relocation Professional (MRP) has the understanding to address your situation and the knowledge to make the most of every selling and buying transaction. As an MRP, I can help you find a location with convenient access to the military benefits you’ve earned. As an MRP, I understand: You’ll always be a veteran, and we’ll always get you home.♦ VA Financing♦ Military Benefits♦ BAH Rates♦ VA Loan Limits♦ Relocation Requirements
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By Tarun Nagar, Tarun Nagar is the Founder & CEO of Dev Technosys
(Dev Technosys )
Applications related to real estate are a potential industry that firms may develop and make money. People are less stressed because when tech handles your task. Nevertheless, even though real estate professionals are still there, individuals that do not have a digital footprint are losing out on potential clients. The internet can help real-estate agents by increasing customer retention and revenue while simultaneously time. The real estate industry is now even more profitable due to smartphones. Whether it is preferable to buy or rent is a contentious question in many places since the real estate industry is increasing substantially. Investing in Real Estate App Development could be a viable investment option. Due to the increase in demand for building an app like Trulia numbers, indu...
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By Kent Brown, Your IRS Tax Attorney
(Strong & Hanni)
Salt Lake City, Utah, 2023.  You have been watching late night television, you have seen the commercials - "take care of that tax debt", "pay pennies on the dollar."  "Enough of those sleepless nights" you tell yourself, it is time to pay those pennies and move on.  The late night commercial then shows a happy couple on a golf course after they have paid those pennies.  Is this to good to be true?  Yes!!!To pay those pennies on the dollar the taxpayer usually does this through what is called an offer-in-compromise.  There are two types of offers-in-compromise: Doubt-as-to-Collectability Offer: this is where the taxpayer does not disputes the amount owed in back taxes, but the taxpayer cannot pay the tax debt in full; or Doubt-as-to-Liability Offer: this is where the taxpayer offers to s...
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By Paola Oroza, Real estate Property Management serving Utah
(Domus Property Management, LLC)
As part of the Professor Agent course to obtain a real estate license I am invited to write about one of the ways to loose a license. I have chosen to describe the importance of honesty in the real estate profession. During the mentioned course preparation, I visited the public services for the Utah Division of Real Estate. To my surprise, I was able to find a list of professional to various levels of ways to suspend, revoked, surrender and cancelled their real estate licenses.  In my view, one avenue to encounter issues with the real estate license is the increased awareness of exercising honesty. During the course it is mentioned that people are emotionally and financially attached to their homes.  As concur with this thought as I see the housing industry. at the heart of families and...
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