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Agent's first blog posts on ActiveRain

By First Choice Home Buyers, Positively Impacting Others Through R.E. Investing
(First Choice Home Buyers)
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1. Prioritize Important Tasks Over Less Important Ones Always remember to get the most important tasks out of the way before any other thing. These tasks have more rewards but are often more tasking. So, most people put them off while they focus on the simpler and less important tasks. This is a great mistake that can drastically cut down on your productivity. Not only will the important tasks remain at the back of your mind while you work, but you also risk doing a haphazard job when you finally get to them because you are too tired from doing the less important tasks. 2. Hard Tasks Should Always Come First If you dread performing a task and know you cannot ditch, delegate or defer it to another time, you must tackle it head-on. Suppose you keep putting off dealing with a particularly ...
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Finding Your Niche in Real Estate – A Guide for Real Estate Agents to Set Themselves Apart from the CrowdIf you’re just starting out as a Real Estate Agent or you’re tired of competing for the samebusiness that thousands of other REALTORS in your market are going after, finding a niche is an important step in creating a thriving business*NOTE: Lead and Education Resources are aggregated at the bottom of this post."Finding a niche  not only lowers your competition, but increases the efficiency of your journey toward expert status"In this post, I’ll discuss many viable niches for real estate professionals, the pros and cons of each, recommended resources for education, and lead sources where applicable.The first thing you should know is that your decision to search for a “niche” is one th...
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Decorating the windows with drapes, valances, and curtains is an excellent way of adding style, color, and personality to your beloved living room. Here are spoof the best curtains that fit your living room.Breezy Linen CurtainsYou can go for linen curtains. It offers your living room a summery vibe. Earthy shades work the best with the material. You can also create your style statement by combing the light and dark shades of the same tone.Brocade in Metallic TintsGolden hues work the best if you want to give your living room a bold and royal look. You can go for the glitter of gold or any other metallic shades, as it is best brought out by brocade.Floral Printed CurtainsIf you love adding some colors to the look and feel of your living room, floral-printed curtains are the best choice....
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By We Buy Fire Damaged Houses, Fire Damage Restoration Service, House Buyers
(We Buy Fire Damaged Houses)
How do I sell my fire damaged house? We Buy Fire Damaged Houses buys properties that have been damaged by fire all throughout the United States. We’re a national cash homebuying company that is ready to take all of the risk out of selling your home after a fire has occurred. We believe that honesty and trustworthiness is the only way to do business. Contact us today for your free cash offer! Visit our website
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By Christine Leete, Allow Me To Make Colorado Your Home!
(-Red Feather-Fort Collins-Loveland-Windsor-Coldwell Banker Plains Real Estate)
Areas in the Denver/Front Range region for Christmas Tree Cutting.  Where to get a permit?  Website is can also purchase a tree permit from a local vendor:
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If you've been putting off updating your home's outside, now is the time to do it! We've put together six easy exterior improvements ideas for you today that will not only improve the appearance of your house but also its curb appeal.When it's time to sell your lovely home, you'll be able to get a greater asking price for it!1. Start from redesigning the front doorThe front door is the most visible component of your home's exterior. Because it is so big and visible, paint peeling off the door is not an option. Paint the entire screen door or consider getting a metal one (and it will also help you avoid drafts).Furthermore, if your home number or other features have been damaged by the regular sun/rain cycles or other elements that characterize our climate, it should be changed. Metal ho...
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By Heath Schneider, Service is my Specialty
(Five Star Mortgage)
Nevada Home Mortgage Tax Reduction ProgramsAre you looking to save on taxes and get the most out of your investment properties? If you are, then it pays to have a home tax calculator. You can generally deduct the interest paid on mortgages and interest received from savings and CDs. Although you can choose to include these in your taxes, it pays to know your tax deduction options precisely so you do not miss out on any deductions that could apply to you. When you purchase property in Nevada, one of the tax benefits of having a mortgage is deducting the mortgage interest on your taxes. You have the choice of removing interest every year. That your mortgage is in effect or choosing to take the deduction in only one year, the advantage of taking the annual deduction is that you will take a...
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By linda thompson, Home staging specialist in Fresno CA
(Selling by Design Staging)
Most of us have had this decorating dilemma at one time or another in our lives, a bed with a lovely comforter or quilt that looks unfinished due to lack of a headboard. The bed seems to float untethered in the space. As home stagers in Fresno, CA, we have noticed this problem when doing staging consultations. The bed looks nice, but something is missing. In order to obtain the best impression possible, thus getting the highest price for a home sellers, need to use every decorating trick possible. A simple fix to ground a bed and create an illusion of a headboard is to place a large piece of art above it. This simple remedy can be not only used in staging a home that is for sale, but can also be used enhance the bedroom in any home.
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By Gino Reyes, #YourRealtorsFavoriteRealtor
(My Home Group)
 Some would say it is a seller’s market. Some will also tell you everything you want to hear and agree with everything you have to say, to get your listing. Every seller thinks they have the best house on the best street in the best neighborhood. Using real world data can help you move sellers toward reality and looking out for their best interests will definitely earn you loyalty points. If a seller is unrealistic, I’d rather walk away and be their second or third agent. Walking away is one of the most powerful choices we can make. Not everybody is for everybody, but one thing that is for sure is that I am always authentically me. Honesty and integrity help me ensure that that my clients know and believe that I care about more than just a check.  
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By Ervin Smith
Do you have a lot of spare time? I don't have much, but I would like to spend it profitably. What can I do in my free time?
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By Rhonda Gustitus, Real Estate's A Dream With Rhonda Gustitus Team!
(The Rhonda Gustitus Team)
✨OPEN HOUSE✨ Join us this Sunday, Nov. 7 from 12pm-2pm and tour one of the finest Estate Waterfront homes in "Harbor West" gated waterfront community in South Gulf Cove featuring a heated pool, spa, private deeded Dock & 7500lb boat lift with GEM remote! "DEEP SAILBOAT WATER ACCESS"For more information, call or text 941-426-4394 📲
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By Noah Cull, Dispositions Agent
(New Western Aquisitions)
We released this 6 bed, 2 bath a few days ago for 157k needing 70k work with an arv at 300k. It sold the next day. What are you in need of for REI KC? Message me! Call me at: 717-344-6558.
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By Ivrianna Bernal
(New Western)
Hello,My name is Ivrianna with New Western in Las Vegas, NV. Are you looking for exclusive, distressed, discounted properties? Whether you're a cash buyer or want to use hard money I have exclusive inventory priced under the market standards across Las Vegas. I'm not looking to just add you on a list, I want to build relationships with investors. Contact me at 702-521-8965. S.0195496
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By Lindsay Mackintosh
Hey everyone! My name is Lindsay Mackintosh and I am a first-year REALTOR in Nashville! I recently graduated from Belmont University with a degree in Music Business. Over the past four years I have interned for Pilgrimage Festival and Lightning100, released music, and volunteered for multiple music industry events. Throughout these experiences I have found a true passion for serving others. This helped lead me down the path of starting a career in real estate. During my time at Belmont, I fell in love with the Nashville area, so I am now so excited to help others find homes here. I am originally from Fredrick, Maryland where I grew up surrounded by REALTORs. As a fourth-generation REALTOR I have been able to watch my dad help so many people find their dream homes. This truly inspired me...
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Realtors hold an incredibly high responsibility for the wellbeing of our clients. Any basic search for real estate crimes such as mishandling money, false advertising, or unprofessional conduct will result in numerous results.The reputation of the good and honest realtors is lowered by the deeds of the dishonest and criminal. In a situation where you behave in a way that you lose your license, which would be a life changing problem for most of us, you also face the consequences of years in prison and hefty financial fines.Still, all of this is definitely going to be near the top of the "Bad Things to Happen to Me," list, but it wouldn't be the top. Seeing your information appear on the Disciplinary Sanctions, and knowing that every colleague in the state has access to see the entire leg...
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By Nathan Phan
As I progress from a career in pharmacy to a career in real estate, I notice just how similar some of the demands are...mainly for a person's character.  Now diving deeper into learning about this business I can't help but to appreciate everything I learned in another job sector and am glad I can bring those lessons to this new adventure.  Both require honesty, trust, professionalism, among other attributes.  Had a successful pharmacy career and now hoping for a successful real estate career.  Stay tuned for updates...
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How to Easily Get a Commercial Loan A commercial loan is a type of business loan mainly used to finance the purchase or construction of buildings, equipment, and other capital investments. It can also be used for refinancing purposes. Commercial loans are usually secured by collateral such as real estate, machinery, etc.Commercial loans are typically more expensive than residential mortgages due to the higher risk of lending money to businesses that may not generate enough revenue to repay the debt on time. The interest rates on commercial loans are higher because banks and other lenders consider the risk to be much higher than residential mortgages. Also, they consider how long it will likely take for a business owner to repay the debt, so there is more chance of defaulting in the case...
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By Brian Read, Real Estate Investor and Broker
(Bright Idea House Buyers & Executive Capital Group Inc.)
With the high cost of real estate in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California, many people are looking towards other states when deciding to purchase a home or raise a family. Taxes, Jobs and Cost of Living California has one of the highest state income taxes in the country, so that alone is a factor that can put more money in people’s pockets and allow them to spend more of it on housing and other costs.   The job market in California has been strong recently, and while there may be better paying jobs and opportunities in certain areas and industries like Silicon Valley or the newer Silicon Beach area of Los Angeles, on a relative basis, it may not make that much of a difference once the high cost of living is factored in. California has a net Out-Migration to other states as can...
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By Jocelyn Ucedo, Puerto Rico Real Estate Agent, CIPS RSPS ePRO MRP
(Island Homes in Puerto Rico)
Hello,For years I have been trying to understand why Puerto Rico is not added to the list.  I was working the Dominican Republic market and they added this option and I made my profile.  When I became licensed in Puerto Rico, I was told time and time again that ActiveRain does not want to add international areas- even after having been a paid member, which of course I had to cancel. Dominican Republic is international.  Also, the other US territories are added on the list. Yet PR is refused a spot.
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