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Here are some of the Guarantees that the Missy Caulk TEAM, in Ann Arbor, MI gives to leads that visit and register at one of our web-sites.

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WE Guarantee You a Quick Response By Email When You Use One Of our Web Sites to Search For Homes.

We answer every email, personally and ASAP.

We will call you to see how we can further help you, if you leave us your phone number.

We will not distribute your email address to others, unless you request this

We will not set up any type of phone campaign, always asking, "When are you planning to buy/sell?" 

What we will do is respond to your emails quickly, answering your questions and offering information. 

If you sign up to receive our latest listings or latest news, we will periodically email you our very newest homes, as soon as they come on the market and our monthly newsletter.

WE respect your right to search for homes at your own pace and anonymously, and if you tell us to NOT contact you we will NOT contact you.

If you ask us to remove you we will remove your name from our data base ASAP.

In following up leads it is important that you build a level of trust until that lead turns into a client or raises their hand for more help. We let them set the pace of the relationship. It takes the pressure off of us and it takes the pressure off of them. It gives them the freedom to continue to look at houses at their own pace and time table.

Do you have any Guarantees in your business that you would like to share ?



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Missy Caulk, Ann Arbor Realtor

Missy Caulk, Broker/Owner of Savvy Realty Group can be reached at 734-926-9797 or email:

Our Team of 6 agents are available to help you relocate to Ann Arbor, Saline, Dexter, Chelsea, Milan, Ypsilanti Township, Clinton, Manchester, Whitmore Lake, or throughout Washtenaw County, MI.

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