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Over past several years there have been numerous buyers who have bought homes with the intent to live in the home for several years.  With a downturn in the economy, and buyers previously able to find easy financing, many have found themselves with insufficient funds to pay off their mortgage.  M...
It is important to always make your home available to show even when it is inconvenient.  Have the lockbox available at the front door not hidden in some other location.  Convenience is the key to getting more potential home buyers through your home.  If a real estate agent is required to make an...
Understanding Good Faith Estimate Some home buyers do not understand the cost that is associated with purchasing property, and this may cause them to pay higher origination fees and closing costs.  In this article, I will try to explain the importance of a Good Faith Estimate (GFE), and how it ca...
Home buyers sometimes debate the issue whether to buy a new or resale house.  In the initial stages of their home search they may look at both new and resale houses.  Some of the advantages of purchasing a resale home are: you become a part of established neighborhood; have more mature trees and ...
Every homeowner is looking for ways to cut energy cost in their homes.  Many times homeowners will see energy saving gizmos advertise that supposedly will reduce energy cost.  Before spending too much money on these gizmos, let’s look at ideas that will really save you money in your home.  First,...
Home invasions and need for fire alert notification has created a need for home security protection.   A good security system can be a great asset to a family by protecting them from these risks.  Being able to select the right system for you home requires research to select the qualities you sho...
Changing your home into a more comfortable, convenient and luxurious lifestyle can be as easy as flick of a switch.  This can be done through home automation.  This is becoming more feasible and cheaper to reduce the homeowners’ workload with the advancements in technology.  Home automation allow...
Many buyers and sellers of houses do not understand what items within a home convey with the sale of property.  First, when selling or buying a home you are purchasing real property not personal property.  If the item in question is attached to the house or ground, the general rule is the item is...
We all need hot water in our homes and expect to have it available to use on demand.  Prior to making decision on whether the tank-type or tankless water heater is the best solution for your situation, you need to do some extensive research on both systems.  In addition, it is very important you ...
Prior to listing your house, you need to have a discussion with your real estate agent on how best to show your home.The showing of your home should occur after you have clean, made needed repairs, removed excess furniture, and wall decorations from the house, etc.These items need to be either so...

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