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This blog will act as a forum to discuss topic relating to distressed residential debt in the United States.
Take a look at this video. I think that it is a thoughtful message and well presented.
Today I came across an interesting site that is offering a different service.  It’s called Webcast Messaging. Essentially it incorporates the ability to send videos through flash media based emails. I am interested if any of you have in the past or currently use this product. Send me an email (De...
I’ve been sending inquiries to real estate professionals for two weeks now about the use and perception of social media.   First, I want to thank all of you for sending me your thoughts and experiences.  My understanding of these outlets (as they pertain to the real estate industry) has grown and...
linkedin-logoLinkedIN is an interesting, online social outlet for professionals. There is a lot of well-placed information about companies and industry experts. However, I become increasingly more skeptical about the motivations users have when uploading information unique to most other site on t...
Twitter?! What is the best way to describe this outlet? Perhaps we can examine this avenue through a series of questions.What kind of messages are you looking to post?What kind of messages do you respond best?How often do you click the links in posts? Furthermore, how often do you read your news ...
For the second part of this discussion, I would like to examine Face Book.  The ability to create groups, fan pages and a variety of ads makes this an awfully appealing avenue for marketing specialists.  I’ve had the opportunity to create dozens of fan pages, a handful of groups, and numerous ads...
It sounds like an easy question, but I didn’t ask about your target audience as you’ve defined it in marketing meetings.  This is a question about your faith in the ominous force known as cyberspace. Does you faith lead you to believe that the millions of individual that which surfing Face Book a...
I appologize for 2 in a row, but I thought this was a good quote: The safe way to double your money is to fold it over once and put it in your pocket. ~Frank Hubbard I think that a little bit of laziness prevents me from doubling my money everyday;  I'll have to work on that...

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