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I don't know how many of you were able to attend The Woodlands Going Green Series last Monday, but I have to say that it was probably the most educational speaking event that I have attended in a very long time. The whole hour revolved around the Farmers Market that is in the Grogan's Mill Shopp...
The ASES Solar Tour hosted by the Houston Renewable Energy Group was held last Saturday and was a Blast!  Although we are still waiting on a complete head count, I heard one location had as many as 180 people show up!  With over 20 projects on the tour this year, I know the total number of atten...
Previously I wrote about Pre-Licensing experiences shaping your Real Estate Career and how you conduct business.  It was about my first time home buying experience yet it was not the one that 'pushed me over the edge' and make get a Real Estate License. After buying my first home and getting burn...
When I was 22 I lived in an apartment.  I held a position as a Manager of a Local Restaurant that served Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.  It was fun but I worked a lot of hours.  I remember one week as of Saturday I had worked 115 hours.  At the time I remember thinking that it had not even hit me t...
Since I have been in real estate I have been to lots of seminars.  You go and take a ton of notes, pick up a bunch of business cards and then...forget about it.  Sometimes you don't even read through your notes ever again! Then, last year I joined ActiveRain.  It was overwhelming.  You actually ...
The Woodlands is Gorgeous!  There are tons of Trees, Shopping, YMCA's, hike and bike trails, swimming pools, you name it- It's here.  You get the Backyard for the kids and pets, about any style home you could imagine and it is all spread across a very, very broad price range. It is not uncommon t...
The Woodlands Green is proud to offer a new Lecture series on how to Go Green!  It all starts Monday October 20th where the discussion will be about the local Farmers Market and locally produced fruits and vegetables. In November. Michael Strong with Greenhaus Builders and Kathleen Reardon of RD ...
It's like a game so you better show up ready to play, but the game is about Convenience and Perceived value right now. It's true.  The climate of the Real Estate Industry is different right now.  It is a tad more difficult to get a mortgage for some people which means the Pool of available and QU...
Every year the American Solar Energy Society hosts a Tour of Solar Homes and Businesses in many major Cities across America.  The Houston Renewable Energy Group is hosting it again this year to keep the tradition rolling!  There are a lot of exciting venues this year! The theme for the year is ge...
It's amazing how much debris there is from Hurricane Ike.  As a person that tries to be GREEN I have thought often in the past few weeks how unreal it will be for all of it to go to a landfill.  Just the amount of trees, leaves, etc. alone is just amazing. Over the past few weeks they have been ...

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