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If you are familiar with Imperial Oaks Subdivision on Rayford Rd. in Spring, TX then you know that it has Fabulous Amenities, Amazing Landscaping and a Huge mix of homes and builders that appeal to most everyone.  To make Imperial Oaks even better, they have just opened the highly anticipated Fa...
  Imperial Oaks had a busy month in October.  Not only were the sales still good, but they opened up the Gorgeous new section Imperial Oaks The Falls.   As it gets closer to the Holidays, this is one of my favorite neighborhoods to drive around and view Christmas Lights.  Families get in the Chr...
The Eco All Star Challenge for the month is to write about a Visionary or someone taking a risk in light of sustainability.  I considered many people, companies and topics for the subject-but narrowing it down to just one is really difficult.The Green and Eco Movement is moving forward at such a ...
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  If you live in or near The Woodlands, you know that the ONE thing they know how to do is throw a GREAT party.  This year was the 1st Annual International Winter on the Waterway combined with Lighting of the Doves.  It was the second time in 3 days tha...
Look around the MLS in any given city....what can you get for 99K?  Not much right?If you take a look at our housing, there is not a whole lot for low income families.  Take in to consideration the cost of housing, HOA Fees, Property Taxes, Gas mileage because people will likely have to drive fro...
Here in Houston it is not uncommon to stop by a filling station to put air in your tires once a month.  It seems as though whether the tires are brand new or years old, they always need air.  As much as we drive in this business, waiting too long to put air in your tires  can be costly in gas mil...
I have been showing some off the beaten path property lately which has made me think that I really should invest in a GPS system.  Looking around online I about fall off of my chair every time that I look at the prices of them.  WOW!However, this time of year one of my favorite websites is the Bl...
Regardless of how you feel about Global Warming, I think most people agree that our Energy costs are out of sight.  Homeowners across the nation are noticing increased electric bills, higher prices at the pump, the desire for renewable energy like wind and solar (which many Homeowners Association...
Did you know that there was a America Recycles Day?  On November 15th every year the National Recycling Coalition hosts this event.  This will be the 10th year that Americans across the nation get together to Recycle and Purchase Recycled Products.  Not only that, they learn the benefits of it. ...
What is that sound?  AH, I think it is the Winds of Change and Growth for Green and Sustainable Home Building in Houston, Tx!  Read through this and let me know if you think this is the case...Houston has always been known as a hub for Energy and Oil companies.  We have companies with offices her...

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