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Out of curiosity the other day I was searching information on Earth Day.  Many Communities have Gatherings.  The information that came up was all sales.  A site to buy BRANDED 'Eco Friendly' items,  BRANDED Earth Day Posters, BRANDED anything that said Earth Day.  Then I was thinking about the ac...
Active Rain represents something different for about every on the network.  I personally stumbled across Active Rain by complete accident one day.  Found it to be pretty interesting so I visited every day for a few days reading whatever was on the dashboard.  It blew me away how everyone knew eve...
The January Challenge in the Eco All Star Group is to write about 3 Unique Green Things that we have done to our home to make it Greener.  Although I have done some things, I don't know that they are unique...but I will share. :)  The unique things that I will be doing will be later this year.Ove...
As I ocassionally cruise around the rain, I see many posts regarding Going Green.  Suggestions about how to Go Green, Information about Building Green..This is actually good news.  It seems as though people are realizing the Benefits of Going Green, especially in Real Estate.Although we have to b...
Taste of Town in The Woodlands is an Annual Tradition held every year around the end of January.  I'm sure many residents in the area remember when this event was small enough to be held in a Tent at the Pavilion, where now it brings such a large crowd that it has to be held at Marriott on The W...
                                                  Well, it's a crummy, wet, cold day in Houston today but when I saw this driving down the street today I said Woah Horsies!    I had a better picture lined up until a Cop showed up and made me move my car.  :(  (oops)Ok, so this is just a teaser.  ...
Ok, normally I would vent on a Member's Only post because I am mostly a firm believer of "if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all."  However, today I have changed my mind.  I am making this public in hopes that WHOEVER writes these insane Sales/Training Manuals for Search Engin...
I ran across an interesting Conference that will actually be held in Houston tomorrow  (Yeah, I know...I was surprised too).    It is called Got Social Media and they will have a variety of different speakers on internet marketing and Social Networks.  Since this is all along the lines of what I ...
Here on Active Rain and just about Every other Real Estate Related Network across the Nation, Real Estate Professionals- Including myself- Have written FACTS about our LOCAL Market.  We have stated time and time again how the Media is Simply incorrect in, Well, almost all of their coverage. Hous...
Being a homeowner brings a lot of Responsibility when it comes to home Maintenance.  We get in the Daily Rut of rush, rush, rush and take things for granted like Caulking in Bathrooms, Paint on walls...Then comes time that we need to sell our home.  You invite a Real Estate Professional over to t...

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