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This whole Social Media thing is pretty awesome.  It's moving forward at warp speed at a point that is incredibly difficult to keep up with.  Every new site or update gives the average consumer and business owner the potential to have a larger voice and allow their story to be heard. For a while ...
The most commonly asked question when someone is consider moving to the Houston area is where they should purchase.  It's a huge City so narrowing it down to area is the first thing to consider. When looking at a map of the City it appears that so many things can be nearby.  It's only about 15-20...
Have you heard the BIG news? Tomorrow is Take Your Mug to Work Day sponsored by International Delight. I am very proud to be working with them on this project in Houston and wanted to bring it to your attention as you will see it in the news. Over the past couple years down here in Houston we ha...
Facebook seems to be adding really cool features and they aren't stopping.  A few weeks ago they started the Twitter like tool where you can @ your friends and tag them in a post. Today, while searching for information on Whole Foods Market in The Woodlands (we don't have one but I started a grou...
Before you comment on this post you may want to read it all the way through first.  Chances are, you will either strongly agree or strongly disagree.  But if you are in Real Estate you need to consider all of the different sides before you make your decision on exactly how you feel about all of t...
I was in the middle of putting together a Class Presentation this morning for Lone Star College and thought it could be fun to put together a list of Daily Energy Saving Tips for a Week or Two. With Summer time coming, get ready for those Electric Bills to skyrocket!! In your home, there are a to...
I was searching for HVAC tape earlier today and someone on Twitter asked why I needed it, what it was going to do to help my house. Thought I would do a quick video explaining how it helps and why HVAC Tape is better than Duct Tape.  And for the record, I don't recommend doing this on your own.  ...
More importantly, who buys homes?  What is the typical buyer profile statistically speaking?  In Part One of the Series I discuss the need to 'Ditch the term GREEN' - It's confusing.  People don't understand it anymore because everything is 'GREEN' Reading through the comments of my post it is ev...
The Obstacle to Building and Selling Green in Houston will be a Series - this is the first of the series. Typically speaking in the Real Estate Market right now in regards to Green I would say that the average line of thought, the average acceptance of a 'Green' or 'Greener' home not only in Hous...
The Houston Chronicle earlier this past week released an article talking about the Real Estate Market in this HUGE City.  It was actually a really great OVERVIEW of what is going on. However, the accuracy of Market Reports can only go so far. Home Sales dropped 16% MEDIAN Prices dropped 4% Only 4...

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