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Home Equity Lines of Credit Are Ballooning Home Equity Lines of Credit may cause a new problem for banks as many reach their 10 year anniversary. This means many borrowers willl have to start paying their principal balance on these loans on top of the interest payments they've been paying for the...
There are Two Sides to Every Story: The Truth Behind Reverse Mortgage Pitfalls A recent article in The New York Times, Pitfalls of Reverse Mortgage May Pass to Borrower’s Heirs, detailed the story of heirs whose parents took out a reverse mortgage on their home and have since passed away, making ...
Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional In order to become a Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional, mortgage professionals have to adhere to a rigorous list of requirements which, when completed, demonstrate the professional's commitment to excellent service and education. In order to become a ...
The "Misunderstood Mortgage": Changing the Reputation of HECM Loans One of the biggest misconceptions about the reverse mortgage is that the program should just be used as a last resort. From financial planners to borrowers, many looked into the reverse mortgage for themselves or their clients if...
Reverse Mortgages Are Kinder and Gentler After Changes In the past few months, since the changes to the reverse mortgage brought the program back to basics, many financial planners are finally seeing the benefits, not only to the changes, but also to the program itself. The reverse mortgage was n...
PS Financial Services is the #4 Reverse Mortgage Broker in Florida If it's true that hard work does pay off then PS Financial Services is reaping the rewards of months of hard work.  When I first founded PS Financial Services in August 2012, I did it because I wanted to help clients 62 years of a...
Rising Senior Home Values Make Reverse Mortgages More Advantageous Things are looking up for senior homeowners who have been struggling to rebuild their retirement plans after the Recession. According to the latest Reverse Mortgage Market Index released by NRMLA and RickSpan, published along with...
Consider a Reverse Mortgage in Your Retirement Plans An article published in the Journal of Financial Planning, "Retirement Trends, Current Monetary Policy, and the Reverse Mortgage Market", has made strides in cleansing the reverse mortgage of it's once (incorrect) reputation as "a loan of last ...
So You Have a Reverse Mortgage… Now What Do You Do with Your Time? Many of the blog posts I write deal with how and why a borrower should get a reverse mortgage but, like the classical Disney movie, I rarely talk about what happens after "the happily ever after..." Namely, what do you do with you...
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau May Be Held Accountable…. According to an article published by HousingWire, congressional Republicans put to a vote the Consumer Financial Freedom and Washington Accountability Act, a bill that will bring transparency and accountability to one of the least...

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