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Reverse Mortgages…."Why Should I Get One?" One of the questions consumers ask me during our initial conversations is: "why should I get a reverse mortgage?" I understand that they come from a place of misinformation where the reverse mortgage is a loan of last resort, only to be used if you want ...
Blogging Takes Work and Plenty of Patience When I started blogging, I understood that it was a complementary piece to my overall marketing plan. A piece of the puzzle but not the whole thing. As I dove deeper into the blogging world, however, I realized that blogging takes a lot of work and plent...
Most Long-Term Healthcare Services are Received at Home... Aging in place is becoming a more prominent alternative to seniors who are retired or retiring in the future, especially considering their choices when it comes to receiving long-term healthcare services. According to an article published...
"Reverse Mortgages Fit an Important Niche..." Says Columbus Dispatch The reverse mortgage program has undergone many changes in the past few months, and while some may say it is not worthwhile, despite all the success stories, the reverse mortgage industry will not give up on trying to educate co...
Getting the Information Out There is Also Part of the Job Description As a reverse mortgage professional, one of my job descriptions is to make sure the correct information is reaching current and future clients. It's not part of any "official" job description but it's still an important part of ...
New FHA Regulations Created to Protect Non-Borrowing Spouses Recent changes to the reverse mortgage program have made it a more advantageous retirement planning tool for the future. However, for some borrowers, there was still the lingering question of what would happen to their spouse upon their...
"Reverse Mortgage Line of Credit Best Taken Early…" Say Financial Planners As more time passes after the changes to the home equity conversion mortgage program, financial planners have begun to see the potential benefit of  mortgage. More specifically, a reverse mortgage line of credit.  Accordin...
Consider Every Retirement Planning Option…Including a Reverse Mortgage A reverse mortgage, or home equity conversion mortgage, is a helpful alternative to many seniors, who may need the funds immediately, or are hoping to leverage the home equity they have acquired during their working years to f...
HELOC Payments are Going from Interest Only to Fully Amortized This time it's not about the recovering housing market but about making sure borrowers who took out home equity lines of credit during the boom will be able to make their monthly payments once their loans reach the ten year mark. Many...
Who Should Get a Reverse Mortgage and "Why?" I find clients often worry about their heirs whenever they decide to move forward with a reverse mortgage, either because they wished to leave their home to their children or grandchildren or hoped that their children will be able to sell the home upon...

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