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HUD Makes HECM for Purchase Available In Texas Weeks after the citizens of Texas voted to amend the state's constitution to allow older citizens, 62 years of age and older, the ability to obtain a HECM for Purchase (or Reverse Purchase), the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association has annou...
Non-Existent Long-Term Care Solutions The harsh realities of retirement and long term care are upon us but America continues to prove its unequipped to handle the growing number of retirees who will need long term in the future. “Unfortunately, America does not have a strategy to deal with this g...
Planning for Retirement Becomes More Crucial "Two-thirds of seniors have little or no problems paying monthly living expenses now, but more than half (53 percent) are concerned that their savings and income will not be sufficient to last them for the rest of their lives," reports the second annua...
FHA Delays Reverse Mortgage Financial Assessment…For Now The reverse mortgage industry can rest easily for the next few months following the Federal Housing Administration’s announcement that it would hold off on implementing a financial assessment component to the reverse mortgage program for an...
If No One Cares...Why Do You Keep Blogging? Jon Kolsky shared a post a few weeks ago about a blogger who didn't see the value in blogging or sharing information or, apparently, making connections like the ones we build over the years on Active Rain. If everyone on Active Rain thought like this, I...
Baby Boomers and the Housing Recovery, Are They One and the Same? It doesn't seem likely that many people associate one with the other, after all, baby boomers already bought their homes, had their families and are content with staying in one place to enjoy their retirement close to family and fr...
Believe In What You Do…And Do What You Believe In... I used to be one of those people who thought the reverse mortgage wasn't a good fit for older Americans. I had read all the articles, seen all the news reports and, frankly, I was convinced that reverse mortgages were doing more harm than good....
Refinancing A Reverse Mortgage... It's not typical to associate refinancing with reverse mortgage loans BUT it is possible to refinance your reverse mortgage loan. Recent factors, like the housing recovery gaining momentum and the extension of value limits on the reverse mortgage, have created a ...
Are "Green" Home Improvements Worth It? They Might Be...Now Home improvements, when done right, can add value to a home during resale or appraisals. One improvement that has been falling by the wayside, however, is energy efficiency.  There have been many posts on Active Rain that have got me thi...
How is Retirement Like Winning the Lottery? It's not a connection you will likely make. I didn't either, until I saw an article in Daily Finance, "Why Retirement is Like Winning the Lottery." Unless you really think about it, it's hard to put two and two together but they are more alike than you ...

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