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I have been taking Juice Plus for some time now.  If you have never taken Juice Plus, it is a natural blend of 17 fruits and vegetables in dehydrated capsules.  It is a natural food product, no chemicals or sugar.  It contains no caffeine or anything bad.  When children get a handful and swallow ...
This is a question to Certified Property Managers. I am currently pursuing my CCIM.  I have greatly enjoyed the CCIM training.  I already have the CRS, GRI, and ABR designations for residential real estate. I am strongly considering pursuing the CPM after I complete the CCIM in 2009. I would appr...
I find that we tend to do one or two things really well while neglecting several other potential sources of business.  Maybe we fall into a rut or maybe the workload of multi-marketing seems stressful.  The systems that we put into place will determine the long-term success of our businesses. I h...
I have benefitted greatly from training with the CCIM Institute.  My work with other commercial Realtors and my readings in the commercial area have made me a better agent.  When considering an investment property, CCIMs are trained to complete a 3-way analysis of the potential purchase. I have s...
The HolyDay Season is upon us.  Yes, I misspelled it on purpose. Holiday comes from the two-word Holy Day.  While normally associated with religious celebration, the word holy can also refer to something special that is set apart from everyday life.  Thanksgiving is holy in this sense.  Your birt...
Chief Justice Earl Warren wrote, "I always turn to the sports pages first, which record people's accomplishments.  The front page has nothing but man's failures." If we listen to the biased media and read the politically-motivated editors, we set ourselves up for a discouraged mindset.  Whether i...
Have you smiled today?  I mean, have you really smiled in the way you smile when you find money? Margaret Bonnano said, "It is only possible to live happily ever after on a day to day basis."  Funny and Poignant!!!  For many of us, reality seems oppressive, mundane, boring, stressful, or bleak.  ...
As complicated as we may try to make it, there are only a few basic thoughts and behaviors that produce health, energy, creativity, and success.  In football, we focused on basic strength, quickness / stamina, knowledge of the offensive/defensive scheme, and self-care / nutritional intake.  When ...
"Hello Brother, name of Daniel Teague, Dan to those who know me, Big Dan to those who don't.  I couldn't help but hear that you, like myself, have the gift of gab."  -  from "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" Do you remember this scene from that great movie.  There are so many great one-liners from thi...
I work hard and I work "SMART".  As a former family therapist, I think of my business as I thought of the treatment process and success planning in therapy.  Our plans and daily conduct must by SMART. 1.  Specific  -  A written plan, a written focus, a written mission, and a written journal of pa...

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