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In a previous Blog I wrote about the need for business cards. Well I can report that I still have not ordered business cards and have not felt the need to tell a white lie. Know body has asked and I have not offered. But that was the old Blog... Back in theĀ 80's my aunt bought a Beta video playin...
Today a friend put on his Facebook status; Whats worse? A smartass or a know-it-all? I gave my two cents worth (worth a penny) and several other friends of his did as well. The conclusion was A Know-it-allwas much worse than a smartass! My question is how can I be informed, knowledgeable,andĀ educ...
Time is running out on this little known secret! The $8,000 tax credit is alive and well but will run out April 30 2011! This is only for the military and they had to be out of the country... Just click the link below to figure this all out I closed one yesterday that the cli...
I always try to be positive in everything I do, whether it is life, work, or whatever. I have to work to find my faults (I know that is a flaw of mine) and I have to work hard to show negative traits. Sometimes I speak the truth and people take that as negative, but I think of that as being reali...
I was looking around my office this morning trying to get over this blog block (writers block for 2011) and I noticed my multi- million dollar plaques, my "rookie of the year", my "Realtor of the year", and many other recognition's that I have earned. I am not saying all of this to brag or be boa...

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