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Trivia question answers for Friday November 6, 20201. Vodka and orange juice make up what cocktail? Screwdriver2. What do Mc and Mac mean when used in surnames? Son of3. Who was the second man to set foot on the moon? Buzz Aldrin4. What was the first man-made insecticide? DDTTrivia questions for ...
Trivia question answers for Thursday November 5, 20201. What shape is the milky way? Spiral2. What is the world's fastest dog? The greyhound3. What is the ball, or flat plate, that sits on top of a flag pole called? Truck4. What do the letters X.O. stand for on a bottle of cognac? Extra oldTrivia...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday November 4, 20201. What is the smallest marine mammal? The Sea otter2. What is the only rock that will float on water? Pumice3. What is the curved part of the candy cane known as? The warble4. Do sea gulls drink sea water? YesTrivia questions for Wednesday No...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday November 3, 20201. The angel shark is commonly referred to by what other name? Monkfish2. What is by far the most famous painting in the Louvre? The Mona Lisa3. What meteorological significance is traditionally attached to cows lying down? Rain4. How does James...
Trivia question answers for Monday November 2, 20201. What is the actual name of the flower known as daffodil? Narcissus2. What is Shakespeare's shortest play? The Comedy of Errors3. What is meant by the cooking term "farci"? Stuffed4. What is the longest runing sporting event in the United State...
Trivia question answers for Sunday November 1, 20201. How many moons does Mars have? Two2. What kind of dog is Marmaduke? A Great Dane3. What is the name of the Volkswagen in Disney's "The Love Bug"? Herbie4. The "K" in vitamin K stands for the Danish spelling of what eleven-letter word? Coagulat...
Trivia question answers for Saturday October 31, 20201. Which US president on Mont Rushmore has a mustache? Theodore Roosevelt2. Shortbread originated in what country? Scotland3. What is the only chemical element whose name is only three letters long? Tin4. What is a group of deer called? A herdT...
Trivia question answers for Friday October 30, 20201. A pluot is a hybrid of what two fruits? plum and apricot2. What US city was originally called Terminus in 1837? Atlanta3. Who played the title role in the 1960 film "Spartacus"? Kirk Douglas4. What is the name of Woody's horse in the movie fra...
Trivia question answers for Thursday October 29, 20201. What color hair does the Mona Lisa have? Black2. The average American will eat 35,000 what in a lifetime? Cookies3. What color did The Hulk start as? Grey4. Who invented the method he called "rope-a-dope"? Muhanned AliTrivia questions for Fr...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday October 28, 20201. Which great painter's nickname translated literally to "The Greek"? El Greco2. What is the deadliest jellyfish in the world? Box jellyfish3. Which French king built the Palace of Versailles? Louis XIV4. Which fictional park is the home of Y...

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