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Thanksgiving 2020 trivia question answers!1. What day of the week is Thanksgiving celebrated every year? Thursday2. How many years between leap years? 43. How many months in a calendar year? 124. What is the shortest month of the year in days? FebruaryHope you had a great Thanksgiving and scored ...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday November 25, 20201. Gangster Al Capone was eventually arrested and convicted on what charge? Income tax evasion2. Who directed and starred in the 1973 movie "High Plains Drifter"? Clint Eastwood3. What two letters are often used as a written abbreviation for ...
 Trivia question answers for Tuesday November 24, 20201. Approximately how many votes did Kanye West get in the 2020 presidential election? 60,0002. In horse racing how many furlongs in a mile?Eight3. What is a wallaby? A kangaroo4. What alien comes from the planet Melmac? AlfTrivia questions for...
Trivia question answers for Monday November 23, 20201. What did Harry Stone wear under his judge;s robes on the TV show "Night Court"? Blue jeans2. What is the world's fastest growing plant? Bamboo3. What fruit is packed with the most calories? Avacado4. When do "blue laws" prohibit certain activ...
Trivia question answers for Sunday November 22, 20201. What cut of beef, often used for hamburger, is also called "seven-bone steak"? Chick steak2. What M-word means the words at the bottom of a coat of arms? Motto3. What record company was founded by Barry Gordy Jr. in 1959? Motown Records4. Wha...
Trivia question answers for Saturday November 21, 20201. What object is theorized to lie at the center of the Milky Way? A black hole2. What singer was known as "The Walrus of Love"? Barry White3. What is the first line of the chorus of "The Beer Barrel Polka"? Roll out the barrel4. Kiwano is a t...
Trivia question answers for Friday November 20, 20201. Which fresh water fish has the Latin name "Esox Lucius"? Northern Pike2. What song was the Beach Boys' first Billboard number one hit? I Get Around3. What does 3 dots, 3 dashes, 3 dots mean in Morse Code? SOS4. How many ounces are there in a ...
Trivia question answers for Thursday November 19, 20201. What is the only metal that is liquid at room temperature? Mercury2. Gluten is a type of what? Protein3. What is the common name for solid carbon dioxide? Dry Ice4. Layers of soil are known as what? HorizonsTrivia questions for Friday Novem...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday November 18, 20201. Who provides James Bond with his gadgets? Q2. What party game involves a shifting shortage of seats? Musical chairs3. What is another name for a quaver? An eighth note4. In what body of water can one find the Dry Tortugas islands? Gulf of ...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday November 17, 20201. What famous Cherokee Indian created the alphabet for the Cherokee language? Sequoyah2. What bird did Ben Franklin suggest replace the bald eagle as a national emblem? The wild turkey3. Lady Godiva made her historic ride through what British ...

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