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Trivia question answer for Saturday December 5, 20201. A newton is a measure of what? Forc2. What is permanently-frozen subsoil called? Permafrost 3. Which type of nut is used to make Nutella? Hazelnut 4. Which publication uses the motto "America's Finest News Source"? The OnionTrivia questions f...
Trivia question answers for Friday December 4, 20201. Which legume can be processed to make dynamite? Peanuts2. At a military funeral, the American flag is folded how many times? 12 (13 is the real answer!)3. How many times does the average heart beat each day? 100,0004. The two-cent piece was th...
Trivia questions for Thursday December 3, 20201. What is it that turns red litmus paper blue? Basic solution 2. What does ambidextrous mean? Equally skilled with both hands3. How many South American Countries does the equator pass through? Three4. On what part of a house would you find flashing? ...
Trivia questions for Wednesday December 2, 20201. What direction does the Sun rise from? The East2. What two epic poems did the ancient Greek poet Homer write? The Iliad and The Odyssey3. What is a group of Vipers called? Nest4. Who recorded the song "Rockin Around the Christmas Tree" in 1958? Br...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday December 1, 2020 were posted in a separate blog via my cell phone while the internet connection in my building was down. Not the best way to post with my large fingers!Trivia questions for Wednesday December 2, 20201. What direction does the Sun rise from?2. Wh...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday December 1, 20201. Which is the smallest planet in our Solar System? Mercury2. What lizard can be 10 feet long? The Komodo Dragon3. In what year did the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon debut? 19664. Who is Scooby Doo's nephew? Scrappy DooDue to technical problem...
Trivia question answers for Monday November 30, 20201. The name for this semi-precious stone comes from the Latin for "sea-water"? Aquamarine2. What is a parsec a unit of? Length3. Who is Woody Woodpecker's girlfriend? Winnie Woodpecker4. In land area, what is the largest country in South America...
Trivia question answers for Sunday November 29, 20201. How many honeybees does it take to make one teaspoon of honey? 122. What mythological creature grew two new heads for each one that was cut off? Hydra3. What color was Rudolph the Reindeer's nose? Red4. In baseball, a "gopher pitch" is referr...
Trivia question answers for Saturday November 28, 2020!. Which planet is referred to as the planet of oceans? Earth2. What is the hardest substance in the human body? Enamel3. In France, what would you buy in a Boulangerie? Bread4. Approximately how long did the Pony Express run? 18 monthsTrivia ...
Trivia question answers for Friday November 27, 20201. How many eyelids does a cat have on each eye? Three2. What international event is celebrated every April 22nd? Easrth Day3. What shape is the piston in a "Wankel" engine? Triangular4. What units are ship speeds measured in? KnotsTrivia questi...

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