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Trivia question answers for Monday August 10, 20201. What is a group of feral horses called? A band2. The original Teamster's union was formed to protect who? Horse carriage drivers3. How many canine teeth does the human adult have? Four4. Dry ice is the frozen form of what gas? Carbon DioxideTri...
Trivia question answers for Sunday August 9, 20201. What is the nickname for Alaska? The Last Frontier2.  Of the seven colors of the rainbow which is the middle one? Green3. What product changed its original name in the US from the "Soundabout"? Sony's Walkman4. What is the main ingredient used t...
Trivia question answers for Saturday August 8, 20201. What is the plural of  "crisis"? crises2. What is a sternocleidomastoid? A muscle3/ What taste is a cat unable to detect? Sweet4. Bugs Bunny was a satirical interpretation of what actor? Clark GableTrivia questions for Sunday August 9, 20201. ...
Trivia question answers for Friday August 7, 20201. What is a calm ocean region near the equator called? Doldrums2. What singer began his career fronting the bands of Harry James and Tommy Dorsey in the 1930's? Frank Sintra3. How many hairs does the average human lose each day? 40 t0 1004. How ma...
Trivia question answers for Thursday August 6, 20201. What fruit comes in Beefsteak and Rome variety? Tomatoes2. During what war was the novel "For Whom the Bell Tolls" set? Spanish Civil War3. For what 1997 film did Demi Moore shave her head? G.I. Jane4. On what TV show did Roger Moore replace J...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday August 5, 20201. How many times was Elizabeth Taylor married? Eight2. Which is the highest waterfall? Angel Falls3. What secret society is the oldest men's club in the world? Freemasons4. What is the opposite of utopia? DystopiaTrivia questions for Thursday A...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday August 4, 20201. What sense would you not have if you were anosmic? Smell2. In the US, a pint of milk is equal to how many cups of milk? 2 cups3. Who was Smokey Robinson's backing band? The Miracles4. Who is smarter than the average bear? Yogi BearTrivia questi...
Trivia question answers for Monday August 3, 20201. What is the Oscar statuette holding in its hands? A sword2. The name "Otto" is German for what? Wealth3. Which staircase in the Leaning Tower of Pisa has fewer steps? The north-facing one4. Who was the first US actress to be featured on a US pos...
Trivia questio answerns for Sunday August 2, 20201. What name is usually given to bananas cultivated for cooking? Plantains2. Who had a flying carpet? Aladdin3. What bird lays an egg that is roughly a quarter of its body weight? A kiwi4. In cakes, what is the difference between icing and frosting...
Trivia question answers for Saturday August 1, 20201. What metals is Bell metal an alloy of? Copper and tin2. What is the Latin word for posion? Virus3. Who was the first US presidet to be impeached? Andrew Johnson4. What optical component is named for the bean whose shape it resembles? LensTrivi...

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