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Trivia question answers for Friday December 30, 20161. Who was the Greek goddess of love, beauty and sexuality? Aphrodite 2. Who directed the sequel to the movie "Saturday Night Live"? Sylvester Stallone 3. Where were the 1996 Summer Olympics held? Atlanta Georgia 4. Who led the NFL in rushing fo...
Trivia question answers for Thursday December 29, 20161. "Girls with a Pearl Earring" is one of only thirty-five extant works of what Dutch painter? Jan Verneer 2. Who plays the role of Neville Flynn in the movie "Snakes on a Plane"? Samuel L. Jackson 3. What is the intenational radio code for th...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday December 28, 20161. Who is the Roman equivalent of the Greek god Hera? Juno 2. In what Australian state would you find Caberra? Australian Capital Territory 3. What William Boyd character headlined TV's first western? Hopalong Cassidy 4. What doctor invented ...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday December 27, 20161. In the Anglo-Saxon poem, who killed Grendel? Beowolf 2. What US State Flag has a Union Jack on it? Hawaii 3. In what movie did Sid Caesar cameo as football coach Calhoun? Grease 4. In the body what may be endocrine or exocrine? Glands Trivia...
Trivia question answers for Monday December 26, 20161. What character, created by Hugh Lofting, could talk to animals? Dr. Dolittle 2. What war was the setting of the TV show "M*A*S*H"? Korean War 3. Where does vanilla come from? Orchids 4. What is known as "Adam's Ale"? Water Trivia questions fo...
Trivia question answers for Sunday December 25, 20161. What is divided into 114 suras? The Quran 2. Which country covers an entire continent? Australia 3. What was the last name of the main family on the TV show "3rd Rock From the Sun"? Solomon 4. What is the largest living fish? The whale Shark ...
Trivia question answers for Saturday December 24, 20161. In Greek mythology, the hundred-eyed Argus was honored by Hera by being transformed into what bird? Peacock 2. What Russian city boasts the Hermitage Museum? St. Petersburg 3. What is the name of Boy George's 1982 debut album? Kissing the C...
Trivia question answers for Friday December 23, 20161. Who created Lord Peter Wimsey? Dorothy L. Sayers 2. In which country is the wine making area of Stellenbosch? South America3. Who was "The Wizard of Menlo Park"? Thomas Edison 4. What newspaper does Superman work for? The Daily Planet Trivia ...
Trivia question answers for Thursday December 22, 20161. Dhaka is the capital of which country? Bangladesh 2. What is isophobia the fear of? Being alone 3. What five-letter fictional company is responsible for Jurassic Park? InGen 4. How many sizes does the Grinch's heart grow on Christmas Day? T...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday December 21, 20161. How many of the gifts in the song "The Twelve Days of Christmas" do not involve birds? Six 2. Saginaw Bay opens into what body of water? Lake Huron 3. What international award did President Theodore Roosevelt win in 1906? Nobel Peace Prize...

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