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Trivia questions for Wednesday September 28, 20161. Who wrote the 1896 novel "The Island of Doctor Moreau"? H.G. Wells2. The music band "The Cardigans" hail from what European country? Sweden3. What creature takes its name from Aboriginal words for "no drink"? Koala4. Why was Mary Mallon famous f...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday September 27, 20161. The red Oslo sky in what 1983 painting has been explained as a result of the eruption of Krakatoa? The Scream 2. What is written on the helmet pictured in the poster for "Full Metal Jacket"? Born to Kill 3. When did the Republic of South Su...
Trivia question answers for Monday September 26, 20161. How many people dance a "pas de-deux"? two 2. What is the only US state that has no lettters in common with its state's capital name? South Dakota 3. In what organ of the human body would you find the malleus? The Ear 4. What do Mc and Mac m...
Trivia question answers for Sunday September 25, 20161. "Girls with a Pearl Earing" is one of only thirty-five extant works of what Dutch painter? Jan Vermeer 2. When facing Mt. Rushmore, which president's head is farthest to your left? George Washington 3. What 1987 Michael Caine film has a zero...
Trivia question answers for Saturday September 24, 20161. Who wrote the novel "Terms of Endearment" that was later adapted into a 1983 Best Picture film? Larry McMurray 2. Where did Chris Farley's SNL character Matt Foley live? In a van3. What was unusual about Tyrell's car in the 1976 Swedish Gr...
Trivia question answers for Friday September 23, 20161. What name did the meaner of Cinderella's stepsisters call her? Cinderwench 2. How many US state capital city's name begin with the letter "S"? 6 3. What disease grounded Ken Mattingly from Apollo 13? The Measles 4. What does an ornithologist...
Trivia question answers for Thursday September 22, 20161. Which writer, best known for his macbre stories and poems, was born in Boston in 1809? Edgar Allan Poe 2. In which country is the source of the river Danube? Germany 3. Goitre is mostly caused by what deficiency? Iodine 4. The album, Sacre...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday September 21, 20161. In what Edgar Allan Poe story does an old man's oddly clouded eye lead to murder? The Tell-Tale Heart 2. How many US states border Mexico? 4 3. Which Italian city was severely damaged by an earthquake in 1908? Messina 4. What rock band br...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday September 20, 20161. What song did Doris Day sing in three different films? Que Sera Sera 2. Which fairy tale character slept for twenty years? Rip Van Winkle 3. The Pope is guarded by soldiers from what country? Switzerland 4. What ventriloquist was best known...
Trivia question answers for Monday September 19, 20161. How old was astronaut Neil Armstrong when he passed away in 2012? 82 2. In Disneys "Snow White", what magic object does the Evil Queen ask questions to? Mirror 3. What is the largest Great Lake? Lake Superior 4. What was writer and war hero ...

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