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Trivia question answers for Tuesday August 30, 2016 1. The Ohio River flows into what river? Mississippi  2. Which 2008 film starring Seann William Scott features an epic live-action role palying battle in its climax? Role Models  3. Who did Anne Hathaway marry in 1582? William Shakespeare  4. Wh...
Trivia question answers for Monday August 29, 2016 1. Which composer of the "Rite of Spring" was still alive to see his music used in Disney's "Fantasia"? Igor Stravinsky  2. At what national capital does the White Nile join the Blue Nile? Khartoum  3. What British TV series featured David Brent ...
Trivia question answers for Sunday August 28, 2016 1. What mid-day nap takes its name from the Spanish word sexta, meaning sixth? The Siesta  2. Which country has the world's largest protected nature reserve? Greenland  3. What broadcast television network debuted on October 9. 1986? Fox  4. Who ...
Trivia question answers for Saturday August 27, 2016 1. What was the last name of Dennis the Menace's older neighbor that Dennis used to bother? Wilson  2. What is the official state tree of California? California Redwood  3. Whose music is featured in the musical movie Mamma Mia! ABBA  4. Whose ...
Trivia question answers for Friday August 26, 2016 1. During what war was the novel "Catch 22" set? World War II  2. What is the second-highest mountain on earth? K2  3. The bands Whitesnake and Rainbow were both splinter groups from what British rock band? Deep Purple  4. Violeta Chamorro was th...
Trivia question answers for Thursday August 25, 2016 1. What was the name of Juliet's cousin killed by Benvolio in "Romeo and Juliet"? Tybalt  2. Which is the Earth's smallest ocean? Artic Ocean  3. For what 1995 movie did Kevin Spacey win a Best Supporting Actor Oscar? The Usual Suspects  4. Wha...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday August 24, 2016 1. Who turned all he touched to gold? King Midas  2. In land area, what is the largest country in South America? Brazil  3. In the Simpsons, who is Cletus, the slack-jawed yokel married to? Brandine  4. What is the more common name for Nates? ...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday August 23, 2016 1. During what war was the novel "Cold Mountain" set? US Civil War  2. What two states begin with the letter "T"? Tennessee and Texas  3. The Heavy Young Heathens cover "The House of the Rising Sun" on the soundtrack of which 2016 remake? The Ma...
Trivia question answers for Monday August 22, 2016 1. What city provided the setting for "The Phantom of the Opera"? Paris  2. Mt Vernon is located in which US state? Virginia  3. US President James Garfield died of what cause? He was shot  4. The "K" in vitamin K stands for the Danish spelling o...
Trivia question answers for Sunday August 21, 2016 1. What is the shortest and bloodiest of Shakespeare's plays? Macbeth  2. What folk singer was born Robert Zimmerman? Bob Dylan  3. Who was the longest reigning Prime Minister of Britain in the 20th Century? Margaret Thatcher  4. In 1643 Evangali...

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