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Hello All, I have read many posts from my fellow agents and several of them have referred to themselves as New to Real Estate after being in the business for over two years.  Me personally, I have had my license since June of this year, which makes it a little over 4 months.  I know without a sha...
Hello All, I submitted a post a couple about a week or so ago talking about my rank being number 1 with Google when you search my name.  I am sorry to say, that my ranking has dropped.  Where I used to be number one, I have since fallen to around number 36 or so.  What happened? Any suggestions o...
Hello All,I have read a number of posts talking about people who are in the business working part-time or having another job.  I understand why everyone feels that way, but I also wanted to add my two cents to that end.A lot of us New Agents/Realtors have a great desire to work Real Estate full-t...
Hello All, I am still fairly new to this, so I am not sure if I should add these types of things to the forum?  I told my wife about AR and how it has really helped me gain a web presence.  I told her to google me, so that she can see first hand.  Of course my wife got a kick out of it, so she de...
Hello All,I was thinking about a few things as I filled up my truck today.  Why are the gas prices suddenly falling now?  Could it be that the upcoming Elections have something to do with it?  Amidst all of the chaos of Katrina and the many price hikes in gasoline, the oil companies recorded the ...
Hello All, In reading some of the posts I have noticed several people have made references to calling prospects.  That brings me to a question that affects us all.  Do you worry about the possible fines that could be imposed on you, if you contact someone on the Do Not Call Registry?
Since I have gained notariety with the content of my posts, it has led me on a philosophical debate.Knowing full well that the content of our posts are being made public knowledge, do you take heed with posting your content?  When you post, do you mask the visibility?  I often send my posts to me...
Hello All, I am very excited to tell you that I have grown in status just for blogging on AR.  I have heard several people mention that they have gotten credibility with google for their posting, but I never thought to check my own.  I am actually number 1 and number 2 when I google myself.  I ha...
I have read several blogs talking about the AR addiction and I am beginning to see just how addictive it really is.   I have gained so much insight this past week and I continue to read through the different posts just looking for more information.  I stummbled across the AR website two weeks ago...
I am new to Real Estate, but I have learned from my first closing how essential it is to have your team of professionals to assist in you closing the deal.  The people who helped me most are;1. Mortgage Professional- My clients had some challenges getting financed, so I had to find someone to hel...

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