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As I watched a few college football games this season, it occurred to me that some teams/players “play to win” while others “play not to lose.”   You might wonder what the difference is. To me, it’s an attitude of greatness!   One team/player might be so overwhelmingly confident that they are goi...
I remember, as a kid, hearing about “Mortgage Burning Parties.”  Friends of my parents or members of the church would get their house paid off and celebrate by having a party and burning the paid-off note!   You don’t hear of this too much these days and I wonder how many homeowners will actually...
When showing a home a few weeks back, my eye caught this less than functional trampoline and once I read the sign/logo on the side, I had to chuckle to myself.   Trying not to distract my buyers from looking at the home, I snapped a couple photos with my phone camera.         I could only imagine...
Can the lender come after you for the deficiency on your Idaho home?   As a disclaimer, I am not an attorney, but I play one on TV…   According to Idaho code, a lender who has interest in a property, secured by a deed of trust, has 3 months to file suite to claim a money judgment on the deficienc...
Did you know RE/MAX is syndicating listings with For this partnership, RE/MAX listings will appear on under a display category called “RE/MAX Standard.” The RE/MAX Standard will show two items:   1) A “See More Features” link into the property detail page on   2) A ...
If you’re planning on buying or selling a home in Meridian Idaho, you might want to consider this information to help you price your home in the right category or find where the best deals might be.    When looking at the average number of homes sold each month during 2010, divided into the curre...
   6 Useful Tips Using Coffee Filters   In 1908, the first paper coffee filter was created in Germany.  The concept was simply to extract the bitter taste of the coffee caused by boiling loose grounds.   Today, the paper filters are very common and over the years, have found to be useful in a var...
Thank you, Karen Bernetti, for posting What were YOUR 10 Best ActiveRain Posts in 2010? After reviewing my statistics, here are the Top 10 Best Active Rain Posts in 2010 for the Idaho guy who is “Looking out for your next move…” sm Call the Waiter... Great Advice!     New Policies for Taking Shor...
I had the tremendous opportunity today, to meet a veteran real estate agent, now trainer and speaker.   Van Deeb, is a great individual with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the real estate industry. His informational presentation may only be surpassed by his wacky sense of humor. (He remi...
When asked, “how addicted to Active Rain are you?” I had to think of a few times I felt like I went a little over the top with AR.   Probably the most recent situation was when I was scheduled to take my son to the airport to fly back to L.A. I figured I would be done in time to get back to the o...

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