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Beverly Femia offers her expertise in coastal NC real estate and staging with a focus on Hampstead, Wilmington and Topsail Island. Beverly draws on 11 years experience in the real estate industry in new home and resale home sales. She provides thorough and analytical analysis of market and home trends in the greater Wilmington area plus you'll have a little fun learning about eastern NC!
 I opened her email and here's what I found...  I sent your feedback to my sellers and they want to know exactly what "clutter" you were speaking of. Please let me know and I will let them know. "You know the day I had the Realtor Luncheon and had approximately 50 agents come, not one of them had...
 An important thought for today’s challenging times. This is a re-blog and Steve Vitani of Viera, Fl deserves credit and comment for his original work. Thank you Steve for my "thought for the day." I've disabled comment and encourage you to comment directly to Steve via link below.    Attitude is...
In the Hampstead, and Jacksonville area, our military families, coming and going is the norm rather than the exception. These are all great ideas for families relocating to a new area.  If you're relocating or moving to a new home in a new community you ought to consider how your kids are going t...
Short sales are not a wonderful option and there are negatives but at least you'll be proactively fighting to put your life back together rather than letting circumstances roll over you and keep your life on hold for years longer.     When it looks like you’ll lose your house to foreclosure, woul...
The model Cindy describes has been out there for a long time but was hardly relevant during the boom. Today we really are living in the land of opportunity. Both great fortunes and comfortable retirements have been made in times these we are living in today. It really is a great time to buy!  Ten...
Recent changes to the closing process ensure that your lender will be revisiting your credit just before closing. Any changes to already tight debt to income ratios could undermine your ability to close on your home. Make those purchases after closing and, it your ratios are tight, it's really be...
Two of my favorite phrases are "the devil is in the details" and "there is no such thing as a perfect home" but a good inspector searching out the details can make an imperfect home better!  Should you get a pre-drywall inspection on new construction?  YOU CAN'T SEE WHAT YOU CAN'T SEE!  GET A PRE...
And while "were just trying it" the market is falling and you'll have less money in your pocket when we finally sell it. Let's not "try it!" Let's get it done before it gets any worse.  Numbers don't lie. At times, people do. As a listing agent, sometimes it's hard to get numbers to work. I've be...
On the other hand, I have seen buyer and seller compromise after appraisal to everyone's satisfaction. Unfortunately, although it can happen, one has about the same likelihood as being struck by lightning on a bright sunny day. Most of the overpriced homes in our market will still be languishing ...
Karen's observations are so well thought out.  I consider them a primer for all of us as we age.  Living in a area with many retirees, I've coined a term for this event.  I call it "aging out" and we see it often.  Folks retire, purchase a home and spend 10, 15 or 20 years or more enjoying their ...

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