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I beleive there is a serious lack of understanding amongst the general population in Florida regarding the possible relationships an individual can have with a real estate agent! What I am attempting to do here is to enlighten the general public on the law in Florida and help them to make the rig...
I have been involved in buying and selling realestate for about 12 years and have been a licensed agent for about 8 yrs now. One mistake I quite often see buyers make, is to call the listing agent to inquire about a property for sale without understanding the dynamics of the agent/buyer relations...
If you looking to purchase investment or 2nd home/vacation property here is the latest from the National Association of Realtors:According to the National Association of REALTORS the market share of vacation- and investment-home sales held steady in 2010, although the sales volume declined with t...
Many don't know it but St Augustine is the oldest permanent settlement in North America. St Augustine is part of what is now known as the "First Coast" coined in 1982 as part of a marketing strategy similar to other areas of Florida, such as the "Sun Coast" or the "Emerald Coast". The first Coast...
This is the first several of tips about what it takes to be a landlord. I've been doing it now for about 12 years and I'm finally figuring out that I'm not cut out for it! I am going to start out with "Why not to be a landlord." If your soft hearted, trusting and easy going here are reasons NOT t...
Who represents you?? Do you know? Most people don't realize that just because they contacted an agent regarding the purchase or sale of a house doesn't necessarily mean that agent represents them. In Florida there are three forms of brokerage relationships. The three forms are: (A.) Non-represent...
One rule of thumb is to try to appeal to as many of the five senses as possible. The sense of sight of course has the largest impact on your buyers. One way this sense can be appealed to is by neutralizing wall colors in the home. Most buyers can overlook neutral colors even though they may not c...
As a seller (and as a seller’s agent) the main purpose is to overcome any objections a potential buyer may express. In order to do this, a seller must wear a lot of different hats and walk in a number of different shoes. That is of course assuming that your long term goal, hopefully not to long ...
I'm sure others have had this wonderful experience but for those of you who haven't I thought I would share mine. I listed a property a while back. Within two days I had a signed contract. Everything was going smooth. Until about two weeks before closing. I did not realize it but my seller's fath...
I recently moved to Florida from Michigan. Before I left Michigan I was just starting to get some REO/Short Sale experience. However, my transition to Florida put me way behind in the this arena. I would appreciate any advice anyone can offer as far as breaking into that arena. Is the certificati...

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