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I LIST and SELL Homes in San Diego and I want to Earn your Business. As a Proven and Trusted Market Leader in San Diego Real Estate, I provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for Buyers and Sellers covering the many areas of San Diego County. With over 25 years experience, I will provide you the "careful and guided expertise" you need and expect.
This Famous Tree sits on Pebble Beach, Californa. If you watch the Pebble Beach Golf Tournament you will see the tree highlighted in the tv coverage. I returned there this past fall and was surprised to see it with a lot of dead branches. It needs to get a nice pruning to keep it beautiful and he...
I woke very early this morning and much to my surprise, I found my inbox filled with lots of comments from old friends on ActiveRain.It was an easy guess that someone had re-posted an old blog. That someone, was my friend Margret Rome. So my post “ Through the Years” reflected a little bit about ...
It has been a few years since I have last posted here on Activerain. I retired from Real Estate a year and a half ago believing that I wanted to do that while I was still young enough to truly enjoy traveling.  With all good intent to travel, the Covid outbreak said otherwise. So I was left to st...
 The Liberty Bell  Fact: This is not the first Bell, This is the Bell that was recast by Pass and Stow in 1753 in Philadelphia. The first bell was cast in England and arrived in Philadelphia in August of 1752. It cracked the first time it was rung. Fact: Though the Declaration of Independence was...
Independence Day - A Grand AccomplishmentOne of my favorite subjects in school was American History. Sadly today, the real stories of the time are somewhat marginalized and perhaps taught more as bullet points of dates and people. One man that we have all heard of,  is a true connoisseur of both ...
On Memorial Day, like many other times, I visited our National Cemetery at Rosecrans for Memorial Day. I saw something this year that really took me back. At each grave site, in addition to the American Flag, was a long stemmed red rose. I went over much of the grounds and had never seen anything...
I developed a new hobby this past Christmas Holiday. I received a custom bracelet as a gift and thought it was such a neat idea. I started to research them on Pinterest and decided I would like to give it try. The first effort was so successful that I decided this would be a great hobby. Some sup...
Conflict of CenturiesEvery now and then , history catches up to modern day, or is that the otherway way around? Seeing someone painting an historic home in an historic area is perhaps not unusal. That is until characters of the era the home was built just happen by on their horses. A moment is ti...
Photos of Your Own Everyday Views Can Be Beautiful !  We all live in communities or travel and see everyday things that please our eye. Yet we often ignore the potential of these everyday views that when caputured digitally can be some of the more beautiful photos we have to share.I am not big on...
San Diego weather has now turned from cold and wet to a warm and bright Springtime, just in time to move the clock ahead an hour this weekend. In anticipation, I wanted to share a beautiful red rose that I came upon a couple years ago about this same time of year in the Balboa Park Rose Garden.To...

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